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The Olympia Steel Buildings Experience

industrial steel buildings


Affordable, durable and low-maintenance steel buildings for manufacturers, assembly lines, machine shops, fabricators, warehouses and equipment storage. Industrial Steel Buildings


We offer steel building kits for garages and storage sheds to protect your vehicles, RVs, boats, shop equipment, and valuables. Steel Building Kits for Garages
commercial steel buildings


Our steel buildings accommodate companies and organizations that need retail stores, strip malls, aircraft hangars, churches, fairgrounds, festival arenas, community gathering spaces, or farmers markets. Commercial Steel Buildings


Steel buildings perfect for new or expanding businesses, a small manufacturing or 3D printing operation, or backyard workshop for your home. We also have some ideas for a woodworking, auto repair, or a welding shop. Steel Buildings for Workshops
aircraft hangars

Aircraft Hangars

Olympia steel buildings are perfect for keeping your airplanes safe from the elements and weather without decimating your budget. Steel Buildings for Aircraft Hangars
steel farm buildings

Farming & Agriculture

Our clearspan steel building designs provide plenty of room for agricultural activities, such as storing crops or farm equipment, sheltering livestock, housing dairy cows during milk production, and providing barns for horses or coops for chickens. Steel Farm Buildings
government tenders

Government Tenders

Make a wise choice by selecting an Olympia steel building for your government building, public service facility, or community gathering place such as fire, police and ambulance stations as well as storage facilities for snowplows, lawn equipment, and aircraft hangars. Government & Public Steel Buildings
riding arenas

Horse Riding Arenas

Our steel buildings make fantastic horse riding arenas. They’re the most economical choice you can make when converting part of a pasture or field into a riding arena for community activities or practising your craft indoors. Steel Buildings as Horse Riding Arenas
mini-storage buildings


We provide a steel building as a storage facility or extra storage to keep your valuables or items safe and secure. Olympia can also help you start or expand your mini-storage company. Mini-Storage Steel Buildings
More steel building uses : Warehouses, gymnasiums, trucking, military buildings, churches and more!

A North American Original

Olympia Steel Buildings is the leading provider of pre-engineered and prefabricated metal building systems in North America and Canada. We can accommodate any standard or custom steel building application you require, from large and small to simple and complex.

Precision and Sturdy Design

Olympia Steel Buildings provides the greatest amount of space possible because of our unique trussless design, customized to accommodate any size or specification you require.

Quality Materials

Our team offers complete and economical steel building structures showcasing bolt-up rigid frame I-beam construction to guarantee stability, strength and durability. Buildings are easily assembled by qualified contractors or as a DIY kit. Our advanced manufacturing facility utilizes the highest grade of commercial steel available.

DIY Steel Building Kits

We include an easy-to-follow construction manual with each metal building kit so that you can erect the building yourself, which saves money on contractors’ fees.

Efficient & Quick Delivery

Community freight haulers and share loading can significantly reduce the shipping costs of your steel building, making our company an even better choice.

Continued Support & Superior Customer Service

We know a pre-engineered steel building meets your needs with guaranteed product quality along with friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff. We’re standing by and ready to help get everything you need, from information on steel buildings and design to delivery and finding a contractor.

All Olympia steel buildings feature



to last a lifetime



Limited rust-through perforation warranty



Limited warranty on paint

Engineered for Frigid Canadian Winters

Superior Quality

Expertise and quality make Olympia Steel Buildings the right choice for your steel building needs. Professional engineers with years of experience design your building to your specifications and meet all building codes for the building location you choose. The superior quality of the materials used in every Olympia steel building, including top commercial grade steel, and skilled workmanship produce a steel building unparalleled in the industry.

Olympia steel buildings are virtually maintenance-free. In addition, the use of quality materials with comprehensive warranty coverage assures you of a worry-free building that will last a lifetime.

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Steel buildings make great investments. Factors to consider when pricing a steel building include: dimensions, color, roof type, finished interiors, accessories, location, climate and shipping costs. Your Olympia representative will help you determine the specific components of your steel building and come up with a design that meets your needs at the lowest competitive price on the market today.

Remember that no matter which Olympia steel building you choose, your investment will pay for itself over the lifespan of your building.

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Questions? Call us at 1-888-449-7756 to talk to a Building Expert.

Many Uses for Steel Buildings

A couple of trucks in a garage

Steel buildings prove their versatility through a wide spectrum of applications and sizes. Olympia’s steel buildings serve functions from industrial to residential, agricultural to public service settings. To follow is a partial list of industries and applications well suited for steel buildings:

  • agriculture (grain storage, livestock)
  • aviation
  • churches
  • commercial
  • dairy
  • equestrian
  • manufacturing
  • self storage
  • public service (fire stations, schools)
  • residential (garages, homes, workshops)
  • trucking
  • warehousing

Let us design a building for you.

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Steel — Best Value for Your Dollar


The price of steel fluctuates causing the price of a steel building to change, as well. However, the price of a steel building is extremely cost effective, especially in relation to conventional construction methods. Steel buildings take far less time to erect reducing labor costs. Olympia steel buildings are virtually maintenance-free, corrosion resistant and energy efficient. An Olympia steel building utilizes a lower pitched roof creating 100% usable space and less area to heat or cool.

Unlike wooden structures, steel buildings are not subject to fire hazards resulting in a 35-40% insurance savings. Birds are unable to roost in a steel building minimizing damage to equipment and the spread of avian influenza in buildings used to house livestock. Termite infestation is never a consideration.

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We’re happy to help you invest in a quality steel building for your residential or commercial property.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Buildings in Canada

How much do steel buildings in Canada cost?

Costs vary based on the price of steel when we manufacture the prefabricated parts, the size of building you want, location of the building, and any labour costs associated with the project. You can use our price estimator, and we’ll give you a quote for the steel building.

Where are your steel buildings made?

They are manufactured in North America. Our suppliers are some of the best in the business.

What kinds of warranties do you offer for your steel buildings in Canada?

We have the best warranties in the industry. Olympia offers a 60-year structural warranty, 40-year limited rust-through perforation warranty on AZ55 Galvalume® roof panels, 40-year limited warranty on paint, and a limited lifetime warranty on stainless-steel fasteners.

How long does it take for me to put together a steel building in Canada?

You can erect a new steel building in a few days to a week based on the tools and assistance you have. When you hire a contractor to do it (we have a list of the ones we recommend), you can have your new steel building up in days or weeks. It depends on the size of the building and the location.

Where are you located?

We are located in the northern suburbs of Toronto, specifically in Markham, Ontario, next to Buttonville Airport.

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*All associated facilities and joint venture partners fabricating steel building systems for Olympia Steel Buildings are certified to the requirements of CSA A660.