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Supplier Expectations

What To Expect From Your Steel Building Supplier
  1. Don’t buy any steel building unless you have checked that supplier with the Better Business Bureau and the Dunn & Brad report
  2. Don’t let yourself be pushed into an unrealistic purchase time frame. Example: “You have to put a deposit down in three days or you will lose the great deal.”
  3. Don’t buy a building from any supplier unless they can prove with a certificate which factory is going to manufacture your building.
  4. Don’t sign any contract unless the delivery date is clearly identified on the contract. The last thing the customer needs is costly delays.
  5. Don’t sign any contract without clearly identifying all steel building accessories (manufacturer’s name and delivery times)
  6. Don’t buy any steel building unless you have talked to at least 3 references in your area. This is the best way to check out the promises that are made and more importantly kept by any supplier.
  7. Don’t buy a steel building without getting a set of preliminary drawings on your building. Then make sure that you get a supplier signature so that you have verification with your contract.
  8. If Olympia Steel Buildings doesn’t cover every one of these very important points then we don’t DESERVE YOUR BUSINESS