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Great Horse Riding Arenas

Why Steel Buildings Make The Best Horse Riding Arenas

For years, wood was the go-to material when creating spaces for horses to live and play; but steel buildings are a great alternative that might actually be the better choice altogether. Our steel buildings can be used for anything from Horse Trailer Storage, Riding Arenas, Horse Care Equipment Storage, Training Facility & much more.

Like most prefab metal buildings, building time is drastically shorter than traditional building methods using other materials. It’s also the most economical option, as the cost of a steel building will be well under the pricing for more traditional materials like wood.

Steel buildings offer lots of design flexibility in terms of what the structure will look like in the end, from the shape to the size of the structure. One of the biggest advantages of choosing to use a steel-framed building is the fact that you can create much larger buildings than with wooden framing, able to accommodate sizes of up to 4000 sq. feet and more. The metal’s “strength to weight” ratio is to thank for this, as its strength and quality guarantee but lightweight property prevent the structure from getting too heavy for the supports. This delicate balance of resistance and volume also remove the need for centre support columns, created completely open and unobstructed riding areas.

The cathedral-type ceilings also adds to the open feel of the structure, also adding more visual appeal than their wooden counterparts.

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Why a Steel Building

Why You Should Consider A Prefabricated Steel Building

When putting up a new structure, the planning stage is the most important part of the whole process. Long before you break ground, it’s important to have a clear idea of what your needs and wants in regards to the building. Whether it’s a workshop or large commercial building, you must start out by deciding on fundamental details like the material you’ll be using. While brick and timber are viable options, there are many reasons why you should seriously consider prefabricated steel buildings for your next structure.

Fast Construction

Putting up a steel building will take up much less of your time due to the fact that the pieces are prefabricated based on the design you’re looking for, and are shipped together with everything you need for a seamless installation.


Because of its prefab nature, the ready-to-assemble pieces produce little to no waste and required minimal labour to put together, saving you money. And because steel is one of the most recyclable materials on earth, any waste that is produced will can easily repurposed for other uses.


Composed of such a strong metal, our buildings come with a 35-year rust perforation warranty and are expertly engineered to last for decades. It is not affected by water and dirt in the same way that other materials are, and surrounding weather conditions do little to affect to integrity of the structure.

Fire & Pest Resistant

Unlike other materials, steel is flame resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 500° F. Burrowing animals and insects like termites are common issues for wood structures, but are no match for steel buildings.

Low Maintenance

Because of its resistance to outside elements, particularly natural, once your steel structure is constructed you don’t need to do much of anything to keep it in top form. The very nature of the material is to last for years without the trappings of wear & tear.

Canadian Steel Buildings

Why Steel Buildings Are Perfect For Canada

When choosing the right material for your structure, it’s important to consider factors like weather patterns and location before making your final decision. Steel buildings are the perfect solution for building structures in Canada and the issues that may arise.

Protect Against The Elements

Harsh winters in Canada present issues that simply don’t exist in warmer climates, and the very real possibility of heavy snow and ice can cause unique issues for structures, as they have to be able to withstand this heavy load that may be present for months on end. Steel buildings are also very easy to insulate, making them winter-ready and protecting them from the dipping temperatures. It’s likely that you will be using your steel structure for storage of some kind, so it will be important to have insulation to protect whatever’s inside from the elements.

Skip The Water Damage

As warmer seasons draw closer, melting the ice & snow and creating damp & moist conditions, new issues may potentially arise. Leaking can lead to damage of the property inside your steel building and rust becomes an even larger concern, as the potential for damage due to rot drastically increases. With a 35-year rust perforation warranty, choosing steel buildings are the perfect defense against these concerns.

Pests Proof

Materials such as wood attract termites and carpenter ants to your structure, and along with it the potential for some serious damage. Rodents and birds seek warm places to burrow in the winter months, and can find a way inside wood structures to cause damage to not only the building itself, but the items you have stored inside. Fortunately, this is not at all the case with steel buildings.

Delivered Anywhere

With a country as vast as ours, there are many more locations that would be seen as remote. Far outside the edges of large metropolitan centres, these places made make for perfect places to build, but their positioning make create their own challenges, as there is naturally much less access to building supplies.Olympia steel buildings are easily shipped to any location in Canada, giving you all the necessary pieces to complete your structure without the hassle. With a variety of potential problems, changing climates and landscapes, it’s important to choose a building that can address all of them and more; making Steel buildings the perfect choice for structures in Canada.