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Steel Buildings, Safe Buildings?

Why Steel Buildings Are One Of The Safest Building Options

Within the last few years, the popularity of prefab steel buildings for both residential and commercial structures had risen considerably for a handful of reasons. For one, they’re affordable and one of the most cost effective building options available. In addition to that, steel is a durable material that will help your structure last for decades to come. Another important factors are the numerous protective feature that make steel buildings one of the safest building options currently available.

Protection From Extreme Weather

One of the most notable ways that steel buildings keep it’s contents safe is by acting as a barrier against extreme weather conditions. Steel’s durable nature makes it perfect no matter what you’re using the steel building for. This is especially important for steel buildings that are being used as workshops, retail spaces and residential spaces where there will be people inside on a regular basis. Even if it’s just being used for storage, most items require some form of protection from the outside elements. Depending on where your steel building is located, you’ll have to deal with many more instances of extreme weather than other places.

Protection From Pests

Another great safety feature of steel buildings is their resistance to pests and infestations. When dealing with more traditional forms of building like wood, you leave yourself susceptible to pests like termites or carpenter ants causing damage to the wood. If your steel building is located in an area where there is wildlife close by, small animals like birds or rodents may able find their way into your structure and wreak havoc on what you have stored inside. Typically in the winter months, these small animals are on the hunt for shelter, and look for warm spaces where they will be able to burrow and create a nest or nook for themselves in sidings, roofs and more. This can cause immediate as well as long term damage and compromise the integrity of your property. With steel, these types of stresses are greatly alleviated as steel structures are safe from the damages caused by different types of insects and animals due to the hard exterior nature of steel.

Protection From Intrusion

With the right security features, steel buildings are highly secure and safe from intrusion of all kinds. Whether you store cars, equipment or animals, steel structures are easily customizable and able to provide maximum protection for all your most valuable items.

Protection From Wear & Tear

For many, one of the best features of steel buildings is its resistance to most forms of general wear & tear. Our prefab steel buildings come with a 40-year rust-through perforation warranty and engineering that lasts much longer. Because of this, there is very little continual maintenance required and it will be unlikely that the roofing, siding etc will have to be fully replaced. This is a particular feature which helps you save money in the long run.

Take steel buildings into serious consideration for your next building project not only for their cost-effectiveness and durability – but also the numerous protective and safety features that come along with it. For more information, call us at 1-888-449-7756


Great Auto Repair Shop Buildings

Why Steel Buildings Make The Best Auto Repair Shops

When we think of steel buildings, one of the first things we think of are car garages – both for storage and working. Steel buildings are synonymous with auto repair for a number of reasons and for good reason. They’re essentially the perfect match in both form and function. We offer many kits specifically with this use in mind, so all that’s left is choosing the appropriate size for your needs. With large sizes and high ceilings, the possibilities, accommodations and options for customization are endless. Our buildings are available in sizes large enough to accommodate multiple cars and workspaces. Here are just a few reasons why steel buildings make perfect garages.


For any steel structure, one of the biggest benefits is durability. The very nature of steel is based on its strength and ability to remain in great condition with nearly no maintenance. This is important since for the most part, an auto repair will be there for quite some time. It’s important for these structures to be able to withstand the elements as well as natural wear and tear so it can be used for years, even decades, to come.


Steel buildings already have the perfect look in terms of auto repair shops. Their more industrial feels makes them perfect for any type of garage whether it’s left as is or if the owner takes advantage of customization options like paints and trim colours and variations. The interior can essentially be left as is, save for the additional of tools or working surfaces. It will be important to add insulation to absorb sound and keep the temperature regulated, but for the most part steel buildings work as is when using it as a garage or auto repair location.

Speed of Construction

One of the best things about steel buildings is how quickly and easily they can be constructed. With its easy DIY-constructed, it’s possible to put one of our buildings up in a matter of days. This makes it perfect for garages because you can begin storing and working on cars right away. Particularly if it’s being used as a large, mutli-mechanic business, you’ll be able to get started sooner rather than later. This is important for businesses that may be moving out of a rented work space and into their own steel building. Cutting down on construction time as well as construction costs means the move can be made much sooner, and resources that would have been used up if more traditional building methods were used can be put towards making other additions to the steel structure once it’s complete.


Steel buildings are extremely flexible in terms of where they can do, how large they can be and their actual final layout. If you were previously looking for car storage or workspace to rent, you would be relegated to areas where buildings already exist. Building your own garage gives you the ability to put it wherever makes the most sense for you – be it for personal or business use. Also, renovating steel buildings is relatively simple for both the exterior and interior. It’s quite possible to have an open concept garage or you can also add necessary partitions to designate smaller space within your steel structure.

It’s no secret that many of the garages we see are steel buildings, and it’s important to understand why. While brick and concrete are also still popular options, keep steel buildings in mind when deciding to build your next garage.