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Why you Should Never Rent Retail Space

Why Steel Buildings Are Perfect For Large Retail Spaces

Retail and commercial spaces are extremely important and usually go through much planning long before the doors open. When starting from the commercial building process, it’s important to think critically about the materials that make the most sense based on the location, types of businesses that will use the space and how much space will be needed. Strip malls, or a collection of outdoor stores, is just one of the commercial endeavors that are perfectly paired with steel buildings, and there’s a few great reasons for that.

The Cost

Typically there are a handful of investors in a strip mall that are all working together to get the project completed. Prefab steel buildings are on average 30% cheaper than other building methods, so you save money on upfront costs. In addition, you save money on long terms as steel buildings are much more energy efficient than other types of building methods. The temperature will have to be kept at appropriate levels to accommodate both employees and shoppers, and this will be much easier in a well-insulated steel building. Your steel building will also need much less regular maintenance due to its durability and resistance to pests, fire and extreme weather. This will save you money in the long run because you won’t be spending it on repairs and fixes all the time.

The Ease of Construction

One of the best selling points for steel buildings is how quick and easy construction typically is. Because all the parts of the structure comes all at the same time to your build and you won’t need to source extra materials on your own, you can get started immediate. You also won’t need specialized contractor, meaning the structure can be placed and secured by general contractors. It’s a much shorter process because of its simplicity, meaning you’ll be able to pursue tenants for the rental spaces much sooner rather than later. Depending on the size of your final structure, it can be completed within a matter or weeks instead of months.


Steel is extremely durable and has the ability to withstand a whole host of things so you can get the most out of your structure. In addition to being resistant to fire, steel is also pest and mold and mildew resistant in ways that wood and brick are not. They can also stand up to harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy snow and more.


Steel buildings can easily accommodate a whole host of needs and sizes. With widths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths, you’re able to take up lots of space if that’s what you require. The interior is also easily customizable to have as many separate sections inside as you may need to section off stores, rooms and more. These pre-engineered buildings are designed specifically to suit your needs, but it’s important to keep in mind making add-ons and renovations is much easier with steel buildings than methods using wooden frames or bricks.

100% Recyclable

In the event that a strip mall has to come down in the future to make way for something else, it’s important to note that steel is 100% recyclable. This is important because that means the steel using in these structures won’t simply be discarded, they’ll be reused in other forms – probably in some form of construction again.


Building an Affordable Church

Why You Should Consider Steel Buildings For Your Church Needs

Places of worship are important buildings for people that are religious, and no matter what your religion is having a building of your own can make the world of difference. From regular services to community events, having a durable church building that’s large enough to accommodate your needs is important for any group or congregation. Just like any building of construction method, there’s many reasons you should keep in mind and consider


Most churches operate as nonprofit organizations, so the price is something that will be even more important than usual. Especially if your congregation is growing, an economical option will be one of your top priorities when looking for the perfect structure for your project. Steel buildings are typically about 30% less expensive than other more traditional forms of construction, so your upfront costs are already diminished. Then, once you factor in the lack of required maintenance, the long term costs will also be much lower than buildings made of wood, for example. With steel’s durable nature and aversion to all types of pests, steel buildings are the perfect option for your church building.


With widths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths,  you can make the most of our steel buildings no matter what size you need. This is perfect for churches with a growing congregation, moving to a location and space that can accommodate more people than before. Some churches are heavily involved in the community outside of their congregation as well, and having the space to accommodate events, initiative and other forms or charity help or community work within it is a great way to solidify their importance in the area no matter the religion.

Easy Construction

One of the best features of steel buildings is how easy they are to construct. All of the required parts and pieces come ready to put together once it’s shipped to your build site, and it’s easy DIY construction makes it simple enough for you and a handful of general contractors to complete the project over the course of a few days instead of a few months like with other forms of building. Shorter building time means there will be less money spent on labour – something that will in turn make the whole process a much more economical choice. In addition, if your church organization is in fast need of a new space, you won’t have to wait for a long, drawn out construction process to be over before it’s completed and ready to use.

Built To Last

Made from the highest quality steel and fully equipped with a 40-year rust-through perforation warranty, our prefab steel buildings are extremely durable and specifically engineered to withstand elements like extreme weather, in addition to being pest resistant and largely rust and rot proof unlike other building options like wood and aluminum. This will save you from costly renovations in the future.

Fully Customizable

Steel buildings are extremely flexible, meaning the interior can have any design you choose. Whatever setup works for you can be easily achieved with steel buildings, so planning where the main service area, entrance, offices, storage and more will be is much simpler than with other building options.

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