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Insulating a Building

Does Every Steel Building Need Additional Insulation?

One of the best things about steel structures is the fact that they are naturally insulated just by virtue of how steel is as a material. It does a great job on its own of keeping the temperature inside regulated to an extent, keeping warm air at bay in the summer and the same for colder air in the winter months. Adding some “extra padding” can be confusing for some who might not know if it’s 100% required or not. It can end up being an unnecessary cost for some, depending on what you’re using the structure for; but vital to other projects. So the question is, does every steel building require additional insulation?

Types of Uses

When making this type of decision, you have to think about what you’ll be using your building for in order to determine if adding insulation is entirely necessary. While most items that are housed inside will benefit even a little from insulation, there are some uses that truly don’t need it. Obviously for any type of main or additional residential use, you will need extra insulation to make it comfortable for anyone inside. The same goes for commercial, retail or recreational spaces – really any area where people will be inside for long periods of time. In agriculture, buildings where livestock will be kept should be outfitted with extra insulation, and the same for structures that will be holding food or plant products that are perishable. Steel structures used for storage are tricky, since the need for additional insulation will depend entirely on what it is that you’re storing. Consider if the items stored inside would ever be affected by heat or cold in any considerable way and go from there. This will always help you figure out what type of insulation is best

Types of Insulation

It’s also important to remember that there are a few different types of insulation that you could use to get the job done, and that may have a profound effect on whether or not you decide to add it to your structure – and how. From loose-fill, to blanket to spray-foam, the type you ultimately choose will depend both on your structure and your budget, as no two insulation types are created equal.

Benefits of Insulation

This is the most persuasive part of deciding whether or not you’ll need extra insulation for your steel structure. There are a whole host of benefits that you’ll have to decide are useful to you or not – as some may not be. The most obvious of the benefits is that extra insulation amplifies steel’s ability to keep the indoor temperature stabilized. In warmer months, it will assist in keeping the temperature from getting too humid, and it will do wonders in keeping out cold air in the winter. If you have some type of heating device or furnace in your steel building, having extra insulation will play an important role in keeping it energy efficient and splitting the “share” of the temperature regulation work.  Your appliances won’t have to work overtime in order to keep the temperature where you need it to be. In the long run, a well-insulated steel building will save you money on utility bills that use a furnace. Another benefit of extra insulation is the noise control that it provides. Having this often softer material actually absorbs sounds and dampen its effects on the inside as well as how far it travels on the outside as to not disturb any adjacent buildings. The same is also true of noise coming from other locations, as the insulation acts as a block to prevent noise from bleeding in too much. Good insulation also provides protection moisture, condensation and mold; something that can wreak havoc on your stored items no matter what they are.




Building a Sporting Goods Store

Why Steel Buildings Are Ideal For Home Sporting Equipment Storage

In every home there’s storage spaces that become overloaded with items that we still access to, but don’t quite have the appropriate space for. Whether you’re an amatuer athlete or headed to the pros, having a reliable place to store and protect your equipment is important. Steel buildings are perfect for this type of storage for a number of reasons, more so than other building types wood, concrete and even plastic storage sheds.


It goes without saying that having a prefab steel storage unit on your own property is much more accessible than renting a storage unit elsewhere. Having your items accessible to you will ensure nothing is lost, forgotten or unused like it may be if it was stored somewhere off your property. Even attic or cluttered storage closet storage within your own home can be too cumbersome to navigate through when getting items you need right away. Having a separate but close storage unit makes it easy to find what you need, keep it organized but still free up some much needed space inside your home.


Steel by its very nature is an extremely strong material, able to stand up to all kinds of elements with compromising the integrity of the structure. Our prefab steel buildings are engineered to last for years, and provide excellent protection from everything from rain and snowfall to high winds and extreme weather. It;s important to keep in mind that steel is a high quality material that performs well in a wide variety of conditions. In addition, our buildings come along with a 40-year rust proof perforation warranty which, coupled with protective paints and coatings that we also offer, can ensure you have your structure in good shape for years to come.

Size & Flexibility

Our steel buildings give you the freedom to decide just how much space you need to house all of your equipment. Every piece of equipment is different, and some may need to be stored in a particular direction of position that means you’ll need more or less space. Our steel buildings come in lengths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths, so the choice is truly yours based on your needs. With interiors that come with high ceilings and are free of support beams, you have the flexibility to ensure every item (or group of items) has the appropriate space so everything inside remains organized. This will also make everything much easier to find when it comes time to retrieve them for use.

Ease of Construction

Steel buildings are very simple to construct, with easy DIY construction making the whole process about 30% faster than other construction methods. Depending on the size you’re looking for, you can complete it in a matter of days instead of a matter of weeks or months. You also don’t need any type of special contractor to complete it, saving you not only time but money and resources as well. This means you’ll be able to put your sporting equipment storage shed to use even sooner than you ever thought possible.


When you Need to Store Your Boat

Why Steel Buildings Are Perfect For Boat Storage


With widths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths, steel buildings are flexible enough to come in the exact size you need for an item as large as your boat may be. It’s also important to keep in mind that our prefab steel building interiors are free of columns and obstructions, meaning there’s enough wide open space and high ceiling room to comfortably accommodate your boat, regardless of size. You still have the freedom to decide what layout works best for you and your prized possessions.


Steel buildings are extremely durable, with the ability to combat wide array able to withstand a whole host of elements without needing much maintenance to keep it in good shape. Steel is a strong, high quality materials that can keep your boat protected through all types of conditions including extreme weather.

Protecting From The Elements

Steel’s durable nature makes it the best materials for keeping your boat protected from all types of exterior elements. A boat is typically an expensive purchase, so keeping it safe is one of the most important things to consider. Steel buildings are a great shield from all types of weather, keeping your boat protected from built up snow, heavy rain, and other forms of extreme weather conditions. Steel buildings are also resistant to pests like termites and small animals that traditional effect wood structures, giving steel a unique advantage over more traditional building methods and materials that are susceptible to them.

Little to No Maintenance

Prefab steel structures typically require very little maintenance in order to continue to be as effective as the day it was constructed. It’s important to understand the protective paints and coatings that are available to you in order to extend the life of your building, but for the most part there won’t be much required in the way of repair or scheduled upkeep. This will ensure your boat will have protection for years to come but also save you money in the long run by avoiding costly regular maintenance or other fixes.


Using steel vs. materials like wood to construct your boat storage means having a structure that will last for a long time due to the strength and durability of the materials. Our prefab steel structures are specifically engineered to stand up to different kinds of impact and regular wear & tear to make sure they can go for long periods of time in excellent shape. Unlike materials like wood, there’s no need for continuous repairs or maintenance. In addition, due to its fire resistance, steel structures can typically be insured for up for 40% less than those built from other materials. Our buildings come with a 40-year rust proof perforation warranty and is engineered to last for many years.


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Why You Are Seeing More Steel Buildings

Why Steel Buildings Are So Popular

When it comes to steel buildings, there’s several reasons why the building method has become so popular over the last few years. Even though overall construction and labour costs have continue to rise, prefab steel has stood out as an economical response to this trend. Whether you’re looking for a storage unit, a workshop or an airplane hangar, steel buildings are becoming the go-to option to meet all your needs more and more for tons of reasons


Our steel buildings are expertly engineered to give you exactly what you’re looking for. From high quality plans to assistance with permits and other questions and concerns you may have, Olympia steel buildings in particular will guarantee that you get exactly what you’re looking for by the time the job is done.

Design Choices

It’s easy to customize your steel building to meet your needs. Many people shy away from steel buildings based on their more industrial look, but it’s important to remember that there are a plethora of options available to you that can bring your steel building much closer to your aesthetic vision. From siding and trim colour to the shape of your roof,  you’ll have more than enough options to choose from before you get to your final design. You’ll also be able to choose door options, roof accessories, interior wall options and so much more – either in our design process or after the fact as you customize the structure to meet your needs.


Your steel building is affordable in a variety of ways, and it’s one of the things that make it such a popular choice. Not only are the upfront costs an average of 30% less than other building methods, but you save money every step of the way as well. Those savings will extend well into the construction process as you won’t need as much labour to complete it, nor will you spend money on waste removal. Each building is engineered specifically to your project needs, so time and money spent resizing or repurposing raw materials will also be eliminated. The savings will continue on for years to come, as steel structures typically need little to no continual maintenance to stay in top top shape. Look into specific coatings and treatments that can add even more long-lasting durability to your structure.

Quick Construction

Thanks to easy construction, your project will be completed in much less time than when dealing with other types of building materials – a few days or weeks instead of months on end. This means you’ll be able to maximize your return on investment much sooner than when building with wood or brick, for example. A commercial unit built with prefab steel can be rented out much sooner than one constructed with wood without rushing or compromising quality to do so.

Environmentally Friendly

As the world’s most recycled materials, steel as a building method is the probably one of the most conscious choices you can make. By choosing steel, you’re saving precious natural resources like wood – which will in turn save trees and forests typically used for building purposes. The vast majority of the steel currently used for industrial purposes will return to the same types of uses once it’s taken down or discarded. In a matter of months, this same material will run through the manufacturing cycle and be used later in another prefab steel building.

Steel buildings are also naturally energy efficient, as their interiors do a great job at maintaining reasonable temperatures – helped along also by good insulation and temperature control devices like furnaces and air conditioners.