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Work Work Work Workshop

it comes to workshops, there are plenty of options for building one that works for you. Whether it’s an add-on to your home’s property as a place to fix your personal vehicles or store your hobbies, or a large commercial establishment, many people still use traditional building methods like wood, concrete and even specialized plastics. With all its benefits, it’s easy to see that steel structures are the clear winners when it comes to materials that are the best fit. Not only does it make perfect sense aesthetically, as steel’s generally industrial look is a perfect fit for the types of spaces that auto and mechanical workshops tend to be. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider steel buildings for your next workshop!

Strength & Durability

Steel’s strength lies in just how durable it is, able to withstand all types of weather and impact to stay in good shape for years of use. Not only that, but it’s also 100% recyclable, meaning this strength will get used again and again in the event that you ever take down and discard of your structure. With all the different types of work that goes on in a workshop, having a building that can stand up to the challenge is extremely important.

Easy Installation Process

What might be the most attractive feature about steel buildings is how easy it is to put together seeing as all the parts of your steel building kit is specifically engineered to fit your project. Every piece of your project comes directly to your build site, from the walls and roof to the screws that hold it all together. This makes it simple enough for you to do on your own, or get it done by hiring general contractors. Rather than waiting a few weeks for a new structure, it can be done in a few days.


Another great feature of steel buildings is that you don’t need regular repairs or maintenance to keep it in good shape. With all the fixing and repair that goes in inside the workshop, it’s good to not neccesarily have to worry about it for the actual structure itself. Steel is a material that can stand up to many kinds of conditions for long periods of time without damage, especially if the right kind of protective coatings and paints are on it! Wood strcutures for example are susceptible to moisture damage and pests like termites, things that can do plenty of damage in a short amount of time. Steel structures are immune to both these things and much more, which means your building is in it for the long haul and you don’t have to worry about your workshop being compromised.


As perfect as the look of steel structures tends to be for workshops, some still worry about the ability to make additions (and subtractions) to the general layout of the place. We’re much more accustomed to structures built in more traditional ways and the ways we can have them look exactly the way we want them to. For a large warehouse with different areas, this is still very much a possibility with steel buildings. From adding heating & cool, extra insulation and changes to the layout, the possibilities are endless.

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Cut out Pollution!

It’s no secret that there’s always noise all around us, so much so that we almost barely notice any longer. Still, there are plenty of health effects that can arise from this constant bombardment of noises from all different places and in different spaces. They take a toll on us whether we realize it or not and result in everything from stress to lowered concentration. This is most applicable to business, industrial and commercial areas where the flow of noise is constant whether it be passing cars, ongoing construction or  the hum of appliances.

Steel buildings greatly cuts down on all types of noise pollution, both from the outside as well as from the inside. Thanks to steel’s natural insulation, it’s much easier in steel structures to keep outside sounds from constantly bleeding into the structures. You can also add a bit more insulation and even go so far as soundproofing to help out. These are great add-ons to combine with the existing noise-cutting capabilities of steel. If your steel structure is being used for an office space, it will be important to cut down on many types of outside noise for obvious reasons: they create distractions and make it difficult to work. Noise pollution can make employees less productive as well as contribute to them being sick more often. This has negative effects on businesses, as their workforce is negatively impacted by all of the noise. High noise levels also plays a part in workplace accidents, where employees can become easily distracted or prevent them from hearing important instructions that might have helped avoid said accident. Noise pollution can also affect hearing, cause sleeping problems, anxiety and so much more.

This is why it’s particularly important for steel buildings being used as offices, factories, retail locations or any other spaces where people have to be on the building’s interior for long periods of time to be outfitted with even more noise pollution-cutting add-ons like extra insulation. If your steel structure houses children at any point, be it a daycare centre or recreation space, high levels of noise can have effects on their ability to learn, pay attention and control aggressive behaviours.

Thankfully, having your structure made of steel is already a good place to start when it comes to protecting yourself and the building’s occupants from noise pollution. In addition to its natural insulation of the materials, steel buildings also have deeper wall cavities than more traditionally built structures. This allows much more space between the interior and exterior walls so that you can fil the space with additional, noise-cancelling insulation. This is one of the reasons why steel buildings are perfect for spaces like churches, offices and school structures. These are all spaces where quiet and concentration are important to the way they function.

Noise pollution can work the opposite way, as well. A large factory might have tons of noise going on inside that they might have the proper equipment and headgear to deal with, but the noise still bleeds outside and might find their way into nearby buildings as well. Having steel structures with both natural and additional insulation prevents too much noise from bleeding out of particularly loud buildings as well.

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Did you know Steel Buildings can Help The Travel Industry?

When we think of prefab steel buildings, we don’t often think of the ways it could help an industry like travel and tourism. Depending on where you’re looking to building, putting up a new hotel can seem like a long shot, but why not try with prefab steel structures? Steel buildings are much more than industrial structures suited for factories, and here’s just a few reasons why.

Thanks to a handful of factors, prefab steel structures can save you plenty of money in both upfront and long term costs. This does wonders for the cost of ownership. For starters, the building will require a smaller and simpler foundations than would normally be required with other more traditional building methods. Because all the parts of your structure are put together elsewhere, the project can start to come together right away as soon as the pieces arrive to your build site. This prevents what might be expensive construction delays that would prevent you from starting your business sooner and getting a return on your investment.

Steel buildings are also extremely energy efficient, with natural insulation that helps keep the temperature inside regulated. Including extra insulation to your structure is a simple process no matter what method you choose. This will ensure the comfort of your guests without costing you tons of money in utility bills. Also, thanks to the lack of required maintenance, you’ll also save plenty of money due to the fact that the hotel won’t be undergoing constant costly repairs.

Contrary to popular belief, steel buildings are extremely customizable, able to look like a structure built of more traditional materials like wood or concrete. People tend to shy away from steel because they assume it will have a box, industrial appearance but this isn’t the case at all. There are plenty of styles, paints, finishes and detailing available to make your structure exactly how you want it. No matter your target market, you can make sure your hotel look just how you need it to look. You’ll also be able to accommodate the amount of guests that works best for you, since steel structures come in an array of sizes and layouts that can be changed in any number of ways before, during and after the construction has been completed.

The most important feature of steel structures is how durable they are. If you’re building a hotel, particularly a large one, it’s safe to assume that this is a structure you will want to operate for a long time. Steel buildings give you the type of structural stability that can last for decades against everything from heavy rain, high winds, fire, pests, moisture damage and so much more as long as the structure has the right paints and protective coatings in addition to the natural strength of the material.

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Need a Building that can stand through it all?

Prefab steel structures are known for the their strength and durability, especially when it comes to standing up to the elements. One of the things about building in Canada is that you have to consider so many different types of weather throughout the year’s seasons that the structure has to be able to stand up to. Regardless of the size or what you’ll be using it for, it’s imperative that prefab steel structures be strong and able to withstand many different types of weather and elements so that the building can remain in good shape and working order for years to come.

High Winds

Steel structures stand up well to strong winds of up to 120 mph, often much better than buildings made from more traditional materials like wood. In highly windy areas, this is important so the building doesn’t sustain punctures and other types of damage that can be caused by high winds, especially if the items you’re storing inside are valuable in any way. This is also where the natural insulation of steel structures and the inclusions of additional insulation comes into play, since it  essentially adds an extra layer of protection from the elements so the inside of your building remains safe at all times.


Rain & Snow

Moisture is a big deal with it comes to steel structures, and ensuring that your building can stand up to it is important. With more traditional building materials like wood, water and ice damage can have serious impact on the integrity of the building. With prefab steel structures, the appropriate coatings and protective paints keep moisture from having an affect on the exterior or interior of the structure. Also, the specially engineered nature of the building means each and every part of the structure is made to fit perfectly with all of the other parts. This leaves very little room for cracks and spaces for moisture to get into the building and damage anything you might have inside.

Heat & Cold

Natural insulation is your best defense against the heat and cold of the changing seasons in Canada, in addition to including more insulation via a handful of different methods. No matter what you choose to do, steel’s natural insulation helps absorb and keep warm air inside the structure while keeping cold air at bay during the winter months. Conversely, the siding and roof panels are great at bouncing off excessive heat and keeping the building’s interior at a much more reasonable temperature. This also helps with the costs of keeping your building up, since any heating & cooling appliances you have inside will use much less energy in order to keep the building at a reasonable temperature. This will save you money on utility bills since the appliances will be doing much less overtime work in order to keep your building’s temperature regulated.


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