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Indoor Riding Arena

If you’re someone who owns, cares for and grooms horses, it’s also probable that you’d want a safe indoor space to ride them as well. Depending on where you live, riding your horse outdoors isn’t always a possibility so you’ll need to look for options that allow you to use an indoor space for it. There are a ew things that you’ll of course need to consider before you can have the perfect indoor riding arena, however. These will all be important in ensuring that your project turns out exactly the way you need it to.

The Area
One of the first considerations you’ll have to make for your steel riding arena is the space you choose to build on in the first place. It will be important for you to choose to building on higher ground so that any rainwater will flow away from it, and not into it. This will ensure that you have the best possible foundation for your structure, keeping it strong and firm. This foundation should be professionally laid to avoid any issues, complications or errors from occurring

The Ground
While you might not give it too much though, the health of the horse’s feet is depending on the type of grounding and flooring you have inside your structure. It’s important that there is enough cushioning in the form of gravel and sand between the surface materials and where the horses need to walk or run. This will prevent you from potentially injuring the animals. Think of it in the same way you would with a gym or track for sprinters. The type of material on the ground can have an impact on not only the way you run or jog, but also the physical affects on your knees, joints and feet.

The great thing about steel buildings is how flexible they are and how large they’re able to be to suit your needs. Our steel structures go up to 200 feet wide and unlimited lengths, which is perfect for an indoor riding arena based on how much space you’re likely to need. The length is imperative, since you’ll need lots of space for the actual riding aspect. It will also be imperative that you consider the structure’s interior, and making sure there is proper ventilation and other extras that will keep the horses safe and unharmed. Think about adding plywood to the bottom edge of the walls so the horses aren’t hitting their hoofs directly onto steel – which can not only hurt the structure itself but the horse as well.

It will also be imperative to consider other additions that will make your indoor riding arena and functional as it can be. Think about extras lie sliding doors to make it easier for the horses to get in and out, loading and unload bay, stables and even a viewing area with seating for doing races inside your arena. There are plenty of extras that you can enjoy that are made that much easier with a prefab steel building.

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Think About The Kids

When it comes to any kind of gymnasium, it’s important that the materials you use are able to meet certain space and height requirements so you know it’s perfect. While there are plenty of construction materials and methods out there, not all of them are the most practical when trying to put together a gym, especially for a school. Prefab steel structure kits are your absolute best bet for these types of projects for a number of reasons, namely that it will be much easier to satisfy the types of size requirements that you’re likely to require for a gym.

The most obvious thing about steel is how strong it is as a material, which is also bolstered by the fact that’s lightweight. Steel has one of the best strength to weight ratios of any material, which means it’s much better able to support its own weight. This gives you plenty of freedom in terms of sizing of the gymnasium itself, as you can have a much wider and larger ceiling span without needing any type of support beams or obstructive columns.
Another great thing about steel buildings that would make them perfect for a school gymnasium is how flexible and versatile they are. They can be adapted to all kinds of sizes depending on how much space you need. It will be important to go into this project knowing just how much space you’re likely to need, so you can choose the right kit. The layout of the interior is all up to you and what you need your gymnasium space to look like in the end. Whether it’s separated activity areas, change rooms, offices or storage areas, you can design the inside of your steel structure however makes the most sense, and in a way that works with the rest of the school structure.
Cost Effective
Steel structures are one of your best options if you’re on a budget, as you will save around 30% in comparison to the cost of other types of raw materials to build a structure of the same size. Not only do you save money on these upfront costs, but you’ll also find savings in the long run as well. Steel structures end up being much cheaper in terms of utility costs since the natural insulation makes it much easier to heat and cool. You will also spend much less money on the cost of repairs and maintenance, since it’s something that steel buildings typically don’t need a lot of.
Quickly Constructed
As part of a school, it’s natural that you might have particular time constraints. Getting a space prepared by September of an upcoming school year can be tedious. The great thing about steel structures however, is how quickly the building itself can be erected. A project that might have traditionally take a few months can be cut down to a handful of weeks, or even days depending on how large it’s set to be. This will not only save you time, but also money and resources. If you plan to customize your gymnasium with a lot of extras, having the initial structure itself done frees up plenty of time to include these add-ons.

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Two Sisters Winery in Niagara On the Lake

Two Sisters Winery in Niagara On the Lake recent expansion was erected by Straight Edge Builders and designed by George Zakhem, Chief Estimator at Olympia Steel Buildings Canada. Olympia has completed many projects on the lake in conjunction with many of Ontario’s best wineries.

Small Building Small Price

For any startup or small business looking to open a retail location, office or manufacturing space the costs can be high. All types of planning and payment have to go into it and it can take a large financial toll on any business, but particularly one that’s just starting out. It’s important to remember that there are many more options besides the wood, brick and concrete options currently out there for more structures, especially ones of a commercial nature. Steel framing is also popular, but there’s plenty of reasons why prefabricated steel sided buildings are also an excellent idea for small businesses and startup companies.

Lower Cost
On average, you can hope to save about 30% in terms of costs when compared to the cost of buying raw materials to build a similarly sized structure. That’s great for upfront cost, but there are also many long-term costs that you will save on also. The construction process itself will prove cheaper, since the construction method itself will only require general labour instead of specialized; and for a much shorter period of time than with other buildings. Steel’s natural insulation means that with the addition of heating and cooling appliances, you will be much better able to control the temperature without your appliances going into overdrive; saving you hundreds of dollars a year in utility costs. This is important for business just starting out because they tend to have a bit less capital to start off and the revenue during the first few years will be put right back into the business, so upfront costs as well as ongoing expenses are important to keep relatively low.

Fast Construction
Unlike other forms of construction, steel is one of the fastest and most efficient. A project that might take a few weeks or even months can be completed in days with steel buildings thanks to its easy DIY-friendly method. This is especially important for small businesses that will need their new building to be open as soon as possible so they can start or continue their operations. Being able to have the project finished quicker will give the owner much more time to add any customizations, additions and interior design so that it perfectly reflects the type of business it is.

Low Maintenance
Steel buildings are incredibly low maintenance, giving you much more time to focus on other more important aspects of the business. The less time you spend fixing your structure, the more time you will have to actually run the business. Annual inspections are always recommended, but steel is able to stand up well to all kinds of weather and conditions while still staying in good shape.

For a company building their first office, retail or commercial space it’s very likely they want it to look like it fits perfectly with their branding. The great thing about steel buildings is how versatile they really are, giving you the ability to shape them into your vision and make it adaptable to your wants and needs.

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