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Great for Farming

There are tons of industries that benefit greatly from the use of steel buildings in this country, and farming and agriculture is not any different. No matter what your particular role is in the industry, there’s ways that steel buildings can serve to benefit your bottom line. It’s important to consider a steel building as an investment into your farming business. Traditional agriculture structures have typically been made from wood, and maybe steel framing but there’s plenty of reason why prefabricated steel is the best possible option for all your Canadian agricultural needs. Whether you’re looking to keep livestock like pigs and chickens safe from the outdoor elements or have a place to keep grains and other food products stored and out of the way, having a steel building is one of the best ways to get this done.


The very best thing about steel buildings is how durable they are, lasting for years to come once they’ve been put up. Having a prefab steel building means you won’t have to worry about your building breaking down earlier than you expect. Maintenance will be minimal on your steel building and you’ll be able to enjoy many more years of use from it when compared to other materials and construction methods


Fire Resistant

Wood’s biggest enemy is fire so the great thing about prefab steel is that it’s a material that is resistant to fire, which will in turn keep the building’s contents safe no matter what they are. From livestock to food products to other highly flammable items like hay, they’ll all be safe inside your prefab steel structure, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Easy Construction

Another great benefit to steel buildings is just how simple they are to put up. This means you’ll be able to make use of your agriculture building much sooner than later! A project that would normally take a few weeks or months to complete can be done in a few days – giving you the opportunity to start using your barn or farm storage building much quicker and get the return on your investment in the building.


Chances are that you’ll have multiple functions for our steel building, since agriculture is such a vast and layered industry. Having a place to keep livestock will also mean you’ll need a place to keep food, cleaning and grooming supplies, sleeping and feeding quarters as well as windows and doors that allow them to go outside. Even using your building for equipment storage will likely have you storing different items together and you’ll need a way to keep them all organized. Steel buildings are thankfully flexible enough to be built and laid out in a variety of ways that still keeps everything organized and easy to access. Don’t hesitate to create a steel structure that looks exactly the way you need it to in order to be functional. The flexibility doesn’t end there, however. Steel buildings are excellent also because they can be customized in any number of ways to match the other structures on your property. Form custom paint options to custom trims, there’s always a way to cater your steel building to your own tastes.

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Taking Care of Your Roof

The roof is easily the most important part of any building, and steel structures are no different. As such, it’s important that this part of your building stay in good shape on a constant basis, so that you aren’t met with any issues or unpleasant surprises later on down the line. There’s plenty of damage and wear and tear that can occur in your steel building via the roof, so keeping up in good shape is the first step in prolonging the lifespan of your building.

Clean Your Roof Regularly

While constant repairs might not be needed, one great way to keep your roof in good shape is by keeping it leaning. Cleaning and maintaining your roof on a bi-annual basis, typically in the spring and fall, can do wonders to keep it all under control. Keeping your gutters clean and getting rid of any debris on your roof are just a few ways you can keep your roof in good shape.

Regular Inspections

Whether they’re done by your or by a professional, your entire structure should have some type of inspection; especially your roof. It will be important to check for any damage in its early stages so it can be treated as soon as possible. This includes damages to any of the coatings or paints on your roof, the gutter being in the right spot and not damaged and so on. Keeping an eye on all these features regularly will help you stay on top of any fixes you might need to complete to keep it in good shape.

Spot Issues Early

The most important part of keeping your roof in good shape is doing regular inspections (bi-annually) and spotting and treating any issues you might find as soon as possible. Regular wear & tear is normal, but if left untreated these can grow into larger issues that might take a lot more time, money and resources to fix later on down the line as opposed to getting them fixed early on.

Work With Professionals

Not every inspection or repair job can be done on your own, so it’s important to be honest about the times when you might need professional services to get it done. Consider our roofing repair company Olympia Roofing Systems that specializes in steel building roofing options to get guaranteed excellent service and the exact repairs and replacements your structure might need.

Prevent Leaks & Clogs

Leaks and clogs are two of the biggest culprits when thinking about roof damage, but they’re easy to prevent. Keeping your gutters from getting clogged with make sure there’s no excessive water buildup close to your roof. Clearing it out is as simple as pushing a hose through the gutter and ensuring the water can flow through easily. Use a drain snake to clear it if you notice a problem, or leave it up to the professionals. Consider power wash away any debris on your roof, as well as from your gutter, in order to keep everything under control.

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Consider These Things For Commercial Buildings

With any commercial building project, there will always be a handful of things that you’ll need to consider in order to make the project as successful as possible. Steel buildings are no different. It’s important to have a good idea of exact what you want from your structure so that you can expect the best possible result in the long run. Steel buildings, like any other structure, are an investment for any property owner so getting the choices right the first time is imperative. Here are just a few of the important things to consider in any commercial building project.

How Long Will It Take?

One of the first things you should figure is how long your project is going to take. This will help you accurately create not only a timeline of the work itself, but also the budget by seeing how long you’ll need certain types of labour for. Finding out the length of time it will take will help you accurately decide what kinds of customization or sizing options you’ll want on your structure, and what features you’re willing to forgo for the moment or entirely because it will take too long and take away from your bottom line. Whether it’s days or a few weeks, steel buildings will always take far less time than more traditional forms of construction.

The Cost

Knowing the cost is obviously important, since that’s the money coming out of your own pocket, or a loaned amount you’ll be repaying later with interest. There are so many factors that can greatly effect what the budget is, so knowing the plan you want ahead of time will help you in figuring out just how much it will cost. It’s not just the upfront costs that matter, either. It will be imperative that you also figure out your long-term upkeep costs as well, since this might have an effect on the types of customization or appliance you ultimately choose to have inside your structure.

The Set Up

Not every steel building will ever look the same, so planning how you want yours to look will be instrumental in figuring out if steel buildings are even right for your project. Steel structures are extremely versatile, so it’s important to remember that you can get a little creative and make use of the space in many ways. Think about the paint and trim options as well as the interior layout before you start so you can order the building that works best for you. There are even a variety of roof designs and siding facing options that can make your structure look a lot more like other traditional structures with much less work and cost involved.

Can You Expand?

In the event that your needs change later on down the line when it comes to your structure, it’s important to think about how easy it might or might not be to expand your structure in various ways. With steel buildings, it’s generally a much easier task than buildings of other materials which is what makes them a popular commercial option. Think ahead to the ways that your commercial needs might change and prepare for it if your budget allows you to have the extra space. The structure’s interiors are very versatile as well, so these spaces can be redesigned and reused in whatever way you might see fit in the future even if it’s not exactly being put to use now!

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2017 is Your Year

2017 might be in full swing, but there is still plenty of time to create and execute a comprehensive business plan that works best for you. Whether it’s a new small business or adding to an existing project, a lot goes into making these plans a success. There are plenty of factors that you’ll have to consider in your plan, especially if your plan includes a space for a head office, retail location, storage or a manufacturing. No matter what your end goal is as far as use goes, steel buildings are your best bet for meeting all of your business plan goals.

Cost Effective

When it comes to starting a new business, nothing is more important than spending your money as wisely as you can in the very beginning. Going with a prefab steel building is something that will save you around 30% in upfront costs when compared to the cost of raw materials to build a structure of the same size. Not only will you save on these upfront costs, but your construction costs will be lower in addition to the costs to heat and cool your structure thanks to its natural insulation. With the help of energy efficient appliances, you can save hundreds or even thousands over the course of a year to keep your head office, store or storage unit at a reasonable temperature.


Often when we think of steel structures, we envision a very specific type of building that looks much more industrial than anything else. Depending on what your business is, this aesthetic might not be the right look for your space, but it’s important to understand just how flexible steel buildings really are. From custom roofing and paint options and custom siding and facing, there’s plenty of ways that your steel building can look exactly the way you need it to look so you can have a structure that is the best reflection of your branding and the kind of space you need.

Fast Construction

Prefab steel has the advantage of being a building material that can come together much quicker than building with other materials! A project that might have taken weeks or even months with other construction materials like brick or wood, can be completed in just a matter of days. This is excellent for any business for a few reasons. Not only does this mean that you’ll be able to use your structure much sooner and get a return on your investment faster, but you’ll also save money on labour since you’ll only need general labour for a much shorter period of time compared to other building methods.

Low Maintenance

Steel buildings are extremely low maintenance, and can last for much longer periods of time without needing regular repairs or fixes. This is an important feature because, especially in the first year or two of a business, it’s important to keep costs low so you can get some real return on your investment. Unlike other structure types, you won’t have to constantly be fixing your structure – although annual inspections are highly recommended.

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Energy Efficient Ideas

When you have a steel building, the kinds of appliances that you have inside can do plenty in terms of keeping your utility bills relatively low. It will be important to go out of your way to choose energy efficient appliances so you’re not using more energy than you need to in your building. From fridges to stoves to HVAC units, picking energy efficient appliances is the next step after good insulation in making sure that your long-term utility bills stay affordable. There are plenty of appliances on the market and depending on what you’re looking for it can be confusing to choose the right ones for your space. Here are just a few tips on choosing the right energy efficient appliances for your steel building.

Do Some Research

Buying appliances usually cannot be a “in the moment” purchase, it requires you to have an understanding of what you need and which appliances fit those needs specifically. It will be imperative that you find the perfect appliances that are not only durable and last a long time, but also within your price range. You might have to do plenty of searching and comparisons before you finally take the plunge and buy what you need.

Get The Size You Need

You might think you need a certain sized appliance, but you might end up wasting your money buying one much larger than you actually need – and end up using your energy in the process. Consider the size of your structure and the way you plan to use it so you can better estimate what you might need in the long-run. You will likely run into more problems buying a unit that it too large or too powerful for the space that it’s situated in.

Check For Discounts Or Credits

Depending on the province you’re in, you might have access to various tax incentives and credits that essentially make your energy efficient appliance purchase even cheaper than the original price. It will be important to do even more research to find out what some of these might be and reap some of these benefits.

Compare Costs

Just like any major purchase, it will be important for you to compare the total costs of the appliances you’re looking to purchase and also consider the long-term costs in the mix as well. Sometimes, appliances that are on the lower end of the price scale that are not  billed as energy efficient but might not be will end up costing hundreds of extra dollars in your utility bills in the future; so ensure that the appliances you choose are EnergySTAR certified so you don’t have to worry.

Pay For Installation

While some appliances can be installed easily, it’s important to be honest with yourself about when you need professional assistance. Make the necessary calls in order to have your appliances professionally installed or set up so you don’t have any issues in the future with them not working or not being installed correctly. There are many issues that might arise with your appliances that could have been easily avoided had it been correctly installed from the very beginning.