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Workshop in Stouffville, Ontario

Personal Workshop

Our newest building is located minutes away from our office in Stouffville, Ontario. This 40′ x 80′ x 12 personal workshop was designed by Raffi Simonian with natural light in mind, it features beautiful 3′ x 8′ windows down the side of the building with 16′ x 10′ insulated sunshine doors on both end walls. Erected by LG Welding, the customer is very pleased with the design and build of this structure perfectly complimenting his home and existing buildings.

Mini-Storage Building in Hope, British Columbia

J.M.H. Storage found Olympia Steel Buildings representatives “to be very knowledgeable about Olympia’s mini-storage product and sales process. The package is complete and easy to install making the buying experience great.” J.M.H is will have their second building for their Hope, British Columbia location.

Commercial Building in Prince Albert

Another beautiful commercial project installed by TriCore Developments in Prince Albert, SK.

Commercial Building
Commercial Building

Commercial Building
Commercial Building

The buildings are 80′ x 100′ x 24′ and 50′ x 68′ x 24′ with an immaculate interior finish. A custom loading dock area created to sit on a 4′ concrete wall which is quite common for our commercial buildings. Andrew at TriCore was pleased with his decision to partner with Olympia on this project and looks forward to future projects together.

Gym-Con in Ontario

This 70′ x 200′ x 20′ building was completed by Scetto Construction.



Gym-Con is Ontario’s leading supplier and installer of resilient sport surfaces. This large building with a ZEUS-Shield Roof (SSR-24) is a shining example of how easy it is for any Canadian business to relocate or upgrade their current facilities within budget and timelines. Gym-Con is an excellent Canadian option for any recreational builds you might be planning for the future from basketball courts to complete gymnasiums. This building was completed by Scetto Construction specializing in steel buildings.

Legalization of Marijuana

Trudeau’s legislation seeking to legalize recreational marijuana is expected to pass Parliament and take full effect in the spring of 2018. Since August 11, 2016, grow operations in Canada have been required to apply to become licensed producers under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). Fifty-three such commercially licensed producers currently serve the medical needs of more than 100,000 Canadians. That number was only slightly above 30,000 people in 2015 and continues to increase, making this an attractive market for new commercial growers.

With full legalization, it is likely that all currently certified medical grow operations will legally be allowed to produce for recreational users, while those seeking to become commercial producers will need to apply for a certification through an application form similar to the current ACMPR. A quick look at the application process shows that in order to get certified, you’re going to need a business plan that includes both building specifications and sufficient security measures that satisfy the standards of the Directive on Physical Security Requirements for Controlled Substances. This means that your operation is going to require a secure building with a particular layout as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Luckily, Olympia steel buildings can be your solution.

A prefabricated steel  building from Olympia is easy to customize to your specific spacial needs and can be set up in weeks rather than months, saving you valuable time in a very time-sensitive market. The commercial marijuana market is bound to grow exponentially after legalization, and with that growth will come plenty of competition. Gaining an edge now will be key to success. Legalization is less than a year away, so waiting months for to construct a physical space just isn’t an option. It will only delay the application process to certify your commercial operation; an application process that will likely slow on its own as legalization approaches and more growers begin to apply for licensing.

Olympia buildings are also a more cost effective option than traditional buildings, both in avoiding material and labor costs in the short term and in avoiding maintenance and upkeep costs in the long term, increasing the likelihood that your operation can turn a larger profit more quickly. Plus, Olympia buildings are well-suited for high quality marijuana production, with natural insulation that allows for both superior temperature regulation and reduced energy costs.

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