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2018 Steel Trends

As we have passed the halfway point of 2017, it’s important to start looking ahead and thinking about the trends that will be a part of 2018 and beyond. Uses for steel buildings are generally of the commercial and industrial variety, but as technology and needs change, so do the trends. As always, it will be imperative for you to figure out what your own needs are, since they might fall perfectly in line with next year’s upcoming trends. Knowing for sure that a steel building can help complete your project is a great first step.


Residential Homes

Using a steel building as a residential space is by no means a new concept, but it’s something that will continue to gain momentum in 2018 and beyond. It will be important to remember just how versatile these structures really are so that you can take full advantage of its features. Consider the space you may or may not need and start to go from there. There are also a plethora of layouts and finishes that you’ll be able to use for your residential steel building so that you can get it to look however you need it to.

Multi-Use Spaces

More and more, buildings in large and mid-sized cities are going to have to take on a variety of uses and variations in order to be useful. The great thing about steel buildings is that the inside of these structures are fully open – able to be left open concept so that you can use the area in any way you might need to. This gives you the freedom to design, redesign and rearrange the structure’s interior.

Sustainable Energy

As access to sustainable forms of energy continues to spread, it will be much easier to make that a part of your steel building project from the very beginning. Where wind and solar power were once impossibly expensive options for people to incorporate into their projects, they’re now becoming much more accessible. With steel buildings, these features are also much easier to add as prefab structures are designed to handle all kinds of add-ons. It’s important to consider how much energy you’re going to be using and determine the kind that will be right for you to use. From solar panels to wind turbines, finding ways to use sustainable energy in your steel building is something that will not only allow you to reduce your ecological footprint, but also save money in the process; and it’s something the industry is going to continue to see.

Add-Ons & Renovations

One of the very best things about steel buildings is how versatile they are as structures and how well they can be used to accommodate additional structural elements and facilitate renovations. Much more so than other material types, prefab steel gives you the ability to build new structures and make changes to them much easier later on down the line. Once your structure has long been completed, it will be much simpler to complete renovations on a steel building than a structure made from concrete or wood.


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