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Auto Body Shop in Nova Scotia

Auto Body Shop
Auto Body Shop

Constructed on the beautiful island of Grand Manan in Nova Scotia, this auto body shop measures 40x45x20 with an enhanced peak for interior lift clearance. If in the area or in need of storage please feel free to drop by Grand Manan Self Storage or Route 776 Tire & Auto for quick and friendly service.

Save Money Choosing Steel

Steel is among the strongest, most durable and most versatile materials available for building construction. With an industry-leading strength to weight ratio, steel offers benefits unparalleled by its wooden and concrete counterparts. You can expect prefab steel structures to last for decades, standing strong against mother nature and requiring little to no maintenance to remain in good repair. With all of steel’s benefits, you’d expect it to also be the most expensive building option. After all, in most industries, the best options are typically the most costly. Steel doesn’t follow that trend. Here are all of the reasons that steel is often your most cost-effective option.

Efficient, Innovative Planning

Prefab steel buildings are designed by engineers using advanced computer software. With these resources, planning is quicker, cheaper and more flexible. We are able to work with you to perfectly match your building to your needs, and then use those plans to manufacture every piece required to bring it to life.

Installation is Faster & Cheaper

Steel is much lighter than other construction materials, so the foundation to support your building will require less concrete. The building itself arrives to the site in ready-to-assemble pieces. These pieces are made to fit perfectly, which means no cutting or altering and very little waste leftover when complete. This process requires less in both labor costs and construction time. In fact, many customers choose to save extra by erecting their buildings themselves.

100% Recycled Material

Unlike other recycled construction materials, steel can recycle without degrading. New steel is constantly being made using recycled steel, making steel one of the most widely available and cost-effective Sbuilding materials.

Little Maintenance Required

Steel buildings are built to last. While wood and concrete degrade, requiring constant, costly upkeep and repair, steel retains its strength for decades. It is resistant to issues like pests, water damage and fire. It is more resistant to damage and corrosion from heavy winds and rain, and is able to withstand heavy snowloads without caving in. All of this adds up to a longer lasting building and more money in your pockets.

Expanding is Easy

Eventually, you’re going to want more space. Whether to accommodate a growing business or a growing fleet of recreational vehicles, plenty of our customers come back asking how easily they can add more space. Luckily, steel buildings are built with expansion in mind. The process of adding space is quick and easy; remove the endwall and add new segments as necessary. Expanding a steel building requires little time, effort and, specifically for businesses, little disruption, saving money and hassle in the process. Why close down for a lengthy construction process every time you outgrow your space? Instead, choose a versatile building that will grow with your needs.

Insurance Costs Go Down

Steel is less likely to require repairs, and insurance companies know this. While you may pay a lot to insure traditional structures, which are vulnerable to fires, hurricane winds, pests and more, you’ll see those insurance costs fall when you choose steel.

They Hold Value

Because of their strength, durability and flexibility, steel buildings tend to hold value better than than wood and concrete. So, your investment is likely to look just as good decades down the road.