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Buying a Steel Building in Canada

A quality steel building in Canada lasts for decades, giving you the design and size you need to protect your equipment or people inside.

They are completely customizable, come in a dozen different colours, and serve many purposes.

From a city lot in Toronto to the wind-swept wheat fields of eastern Ontario, steel buildings help Canadians in many ways.

What can I use a steel building in Canada for?

Steel buildings are versatile and customizable.

Home and residential customers use steel buildings in a variety of ways, including as:

● Industrial buildings for factories, repair shops, and machine shops.
● Woodworking, metalworking, welding, and 3D printing shops.
● Public service or community gathering places.
● Warehouses with plenty of storage space.
● Garages for storing vehicles of all sizes, from cars and boats to RVs and large trucks.
● Aircraft hangars for planes at airports.
● Horse riding arenas at agricultural centres.
● Gymnasiums with athletic courts for community gathering places.
● Commercial buildings like retail stores, strip malls, and markets.
● Agricultural centres containing display areas, barns for horses, farming equipment, chicken coops, and grain storage.
● Mini-storage buildings as a business or on residential property.
● Trucking companies to store semi-trailers, tractor cabs, and parts for repair bays.
● Military buildings to store ammo, weapons, and equipment to complement training facilities.
● Places of worship like churches, synagogues and temples.

Steel buildings in Canada have as many uses as there are types of businesses. Whatever your reason, Olympia Steel Buildings of Canada can help you pick the right one to fit your needs.

How do I shop for a steel building in Canada?

Shopping for a steel building in Canada is simple once you go through a few steps to narrow down what you need.

1. Ascertain the purpose of your steel building.

Before you shop for one, you need to know why you want a steel building in the first place because that can determine the size of your building. Maintaining one RV with a woodworking shop next to it would require a much smaller size compared to a warehouse or storage facility.

2. Determine a budget.

How much money are you willing to spend on a steel building? That will also be a determining factor as to the size and scope of the project.

If you plan on hiring someone to erect the building on your property, that will increase the price because of labour costs. Putting together a steel building kit on your own will keep your costs lower.

If you want an estimate of how much a building will cost, we’ve got a price estimator on our website.

You’ll just need to know a few data points, like:

● Size of the building
● Province
● Date of the build
● Gauge of the steel (from 12 gauge to 26 gauge)
● Height of the roof
● Style of the roof
● Fully enclosed or partially enclosed

Size and gauge (thickness of the steel) are the two most important factors when determining the costs of materials for your steel building in Canada. A taller roof needs more steel, and an A-frame roof costs less than a vertical roof.

3. Kits Versus Prefab

A steel building kit is where we ship you everything you need to put together your own steel building, while a prefabricated steel building in Canada offers a less expensive way to put a building on your property compared to making one from scratch on your property. Prefab means we construct the materials ahead of time and then assemble the building on your property.

4. Research several steel building companies in Canada.

Now the serious part of your purchasing process begins.

Research several steel building companies in Canada. Examine their options, building styles, sizes, and colours available.

Look at each company’s website to see what kind of information you can find. Is the company open about their pricing? Is there a lot of information on the website? Or is the website just basic?

Does the company have a mission statement? How long has the company been around? What services do they offer? What are the reviews like? Is there a gallery of steel buildings to look at?

Somewhere on the site the company should describe their process from start to finish. They should also list building features, types of steel buildings, and the industries the company caters to and specializes in.

Does the steel building company hold any industry certifications? Some certifications indicate the quality of workmanship of each company because they follow certain standards. Others are not so thorough.

Most importantly, you want a steel building company in Canada with great customer service.

5. Contact the companies you like to narrow your search.

Of the companies you researched, narrow down your search further by contacting your top choices. How each company answers your questions and handles your concerns will go a long way to making you feel comfortable about your choice.

Was the person you spoke to friendly? Was the person professional? If the person couldn’t answer your question, did he or she offer to find out for you and get back to you?

Customer service is important in our industry. It’s what separates a good steel building company from a great one. Investing in a steel building is no small thing, and you deserve to be treated well by your chosen company. Ask us anything. We’ll happily answer. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

How do I get a quote for a steel building in Canada?

You can fill out a form to get an estimate and then a steel building company will get back to you promptly. Or you can contact a steel building company in Canada and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Who can supply my home or residence in Ontario with a steel building?

Olympia Steel Buildings of Canada can supply you with a quality prefabricated steel building or a steel building kit you can put together on your own.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to reach out to our team. We’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can about your high-quality steel building in Canada.

Steel Building Pricing Guide

When selecting a new structure for your property and you want it made of metal, steel building pricing is one of your top concerns. You’ll want to know how much it costs, with both labour and materials, before you make a purchase or sign a contract with any steel building company.

Take a look at our guide to steel building pricing in Canada. We’ll explain what factors into pricing a building for your property and answer some frequently asked questions.

How are steel buildings priced in Canada?

Several factors go into pricing a steel building in Canada.

The Price of Steel

Steel, like any other commodity, changes price with the ebbs and flows of market forces. Prices may go up or down depending on supply chain issues, how many steel foundries or mills are operating, how much iron ore costs for each foundry, and the overall demand for steel.

Back in 2021, steel industry experts noted that the price of steel rose by 200 percent in the United States due to much higher demand and the closure of several steel mills. Both of those factors put a squeeze on supply, which made prices go up.

The Size of Your Building

For material costs, the size of your building is the second determining factor. The larger your building is, the more steel is in it. The more steel that’s in it, the more it will cost.

On average, the price to erect a commercial steel building varies between $10 to $25 per square foot. It can go up as high as $125 per square foot.

Labour Costs

Are you installing the steel building yourself or hiring a contractor to do it for you? You could save money by installing a steel building kit yourself, if you know how to do it and you have help with the right tools and equipment.

However, you might save time by having a professional contractor do it. Hiring a contractor means labour costs. And labour costs can go up depending on the time of year, how busy the company is, how soon you need it installed, and the location of your building. Just like the price of steel fluctuates based on demand, so too does the cost of labour.


Do you need to insulate your steel building? The type of insulation you want to install can increase the cost of your new building.

Bubble insulation is the least expensive for up-front costs. It creates a barrier of air around the inside of your steel building, but it is not as effective as other types of insulation.

Fiberglass insulation is more expensive, but it can increase the efficiency of how your building maintains certain temperatures.

Windows & Doors

Installing windows and doors can change the costs of your steel building. Windows and doors can increase the costs because windows can only be placed in certain areas.

Hollow doors are more cost-effective compared to galvanized metal ones. However, commercial steel doors offer better security and protection. If your steel building has cargo doors and loading docks, installing those large doors will also increase your prices. Automatic door openers will cost more compared to manual ones that you use pull chains for.

What types of windows you want, and the thickness of the panes, determines the costs of these additions. Do you want your windows to open? What about double-hung windows or tinted glass to help with temperature control? The types of windows you want can change the cost of your steel building.

There are limits on the size and numbers of windows and doors you can have in a steel building. It depends on the structure you require.

AC & Heating

Do you plan on having temperature controls for your steel building? Adding air conditioning or furnaces will increase the cost. If you just want portable units, those will keep your costs lower compared to a ducted system.

Plumbing & Electricity

If your steel building needs plumbing and electricity, then your costs will go up compared to just a plain steel building used for storing items for long periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about steel building pricing. If we haven’t answered all of your questions, feel free to reach out to us, and our team will be happy to talk to you!

What is the average price of a 40′ x 60′ metal building?

Structural costs vary based on local and state building codes, climate conditions, like heavy snow or high wind regions and seismic activity.

Is a steel building more cost-effective than other materials?

Yes, in many ways. Steel isn’t prone to rot or mold. It’s completely resistant to termites and won’t burn in a fire. Steel is stronger and more durable than wood, and stays just as strong years after the day the structure is erected. Our prefabricated designs also allow the building to erect much faster than a wood or brick structure, saving you construction costs.

Why does the price of steel change the price of a steel building?

It’s because we have to buy steel at various times at the prices the market requires. The steel we bought five years ago was probably cheaper than the steel we’re buying now. Because our supply and demand changes, we have to restock our steel as more people invest in our buildings. Therefore, our costs for raw materials fluctuate as the market does. When we need to buy steel for our buildings, we buy it to maintain inventory and supplies.

How can I calculate the cost of a steel building?

Many steel building companies, including Olympia Steel Buildings in Canada, have a price estimator. Ours is a simple form you fill out, and then our staff will get back to you as soon as we can with a cost estimate. Keep in mind, this cost estimate is JUST for the steel building without any additional amenities, and it doesn’t factor labour into the cost.

If you have more questions, feel free to call 1-888-449-7756 for more information. We’re happy to help in any way!