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Building Mini Storage Units?

Why Your Next Storage Unit Should Be A Steel Building

Storage units are often synonymous with steel structures, perhaps concrete depending on who you ask. While both options are strong contenders for durability and quality, there’s a few benefits that prefab steel has over concrete that make it an important consideration for a personal or commercial storage unit.

It’s obviously important that a storage unit be secure enough to protect whatever items you have inside, so choosing the best material and method for the job is a process you have to take into careful consideration. Here’s just a few reasons you should consider prefab steel for your next storage unit project – no matter the size!

Smaller Foundation

Steel buildings need smaller foundations to go up seeing as they weigh significantly less than concrete and traditional forms of construction. In turn, this means there is much less excavation and substructure required which is no only easier on your wallet as the builder but also easier on the environment around the structure. All forms of construction take some sort of a toll on the space around it, but with steel buildings this carbon footprint is minimized when comparing it to other types of building.

Quick & Simple Construction

Because all the parts of your structure is delivered on site already ready to be constructed, the construction time is greatly reduced. Their easy DIY construction makes it much easier to put up, so on average, construction time of a steel building is 30% less than that of other materials and building methods. This is another way construction costs will be saved, as you won’t need special contractors to get the job done and labour you will require will be finished the job faster than other building methods.


Obviously one of the most beneficial elements of steel is its durability. It can withstand exterior elements like extreme weather and more in ways that materials like wood or aluminum wouldn’t be able to. This prevents you from having to do constant repairs, maintenance or upkeep of the structure. Because of this, steel structures are the perfect long term investment that can last for decades.


In addition to these benefits, prefab steel buildings are made from 100% recyclable materials that can be re0used in any capacity later on dwn the line. They’re also specifically engineered to be “green buildings”, able to efficiently use energy and naturally maintain comfortable temperatures. Depending on what the storage units are being used for, additional insulation and temperature regulating devices will help you make the most of that aspect and keep your items in the appropriate conditions.