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Cut out Pollution!

It’s no secret that there’s always noise all around us, so much so that we almost barely notice any longer. Still, there are plenty of health effects that can arise from this constant bombardment of noises from all different places and in different spaces. They take a toll on us whether we realize it or not and result in everything from stress to lowered concentration. This is most applicable to business, industrial and commercial areas where the flow of noise is constant whether it be passing cars, ongoing construction or  the hum of appliances.

Steel buildings greatly cuts down on all types of noise pollution, both from the outside as well as from the inside. Thanks to steel’s natural insulation, it’s much easier in steel structures to keep outside sounds from constantly bleeding into the structures. You can also add a bit more insulation and even go so far as soundproofing to help out. These are great add-ons to combine with the existing noise-cutting capabilities of steel. If your steel structure is being used for an office space, it will be important to cut down on many types of outside noise for obvious reasons: they create distractions and make it difficult to work. Noise pollution can make employees less productive as well as contribute to them being sick more often. This has negative effects on businesses, as their workforce is negatively impacted by all of the noise. High noise levels also plays a part in workplace accidents, where employees can become easily distracted or prevent them from hearing important instructions that might have helped avoid said accident. Noise pollution can also affect hearing, cause sleeping problems, anxiety and so much more.

This is why it’s particularly important for steel buildings being used as offices, factories, retail locations or any other spaces where people have to be on the building’s interior for long periods of time to be outfitted with even more noise pollution-cutting add-ons like extra insulation. If your steel structure houses children at any point, be it a daycare centre or recreation space, high levels of noise can have effects on their ability to learn, pay attention and control aggressive behaviours.

Thankfully, having your structure made of steel is already a good place to start when it comes to protecting yourself and the building’s occupants from noise pollution. In addition to its natural insulation of the materials, steel buildings also have deeper wall cavities than more traditionally built structures. This allows much more space between the interior and exterior walls so that you can fil the space with additional, noise-cancelling insulation. This is one of the reasons why steel buildings are perfect for spaces like churches, offices and school structures. These are all spaces where quiet and concentration are important to the way they function.

Noise pollution can work the opposite way, as well. A large factory might have tons of noise going on inside that they might have the proper equipment and headgear to deal with, but the noise still bleeds outside and might find their way into nearby buildings as well. Having steel structures with both natural and additional insulation prevents too much noise from bleeding out of particularly loud buildings as well.

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