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What you Didn’t Know About Steel Buildings

Using steel buildings in your projects doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about steel! Though the strength and durability of the material are well-known features, there are other factors that are a little bit less commonly discussed. Regardless, there are tons of great things about the material that shouldn’t go ignored! Typically, these are some of the things that can help you make the final decision about what kind of material you want to use for your structure. Here are a few little-known facts about steel and they work in your favour with steel buildings.


There is more steel recycled in North America than other materials like paper, glass, plastic and aluminum combined! There are over 80 million tons of the material that are recycled each and every year, which translates into plenty of reusing action when it comes to steel buildings. The vast majority of the steel used in commercial projects are recycled, helping you maintain a smaller ecological footprint and achieve a “green” structure from the moment you buy a kit.

Still Strong

Despite being recycled so often, steel is still about 1000 times stronger than iron and can be reused over and over again without ever losing its strength. This is important in the event that you ever want to take down your structure and use it in another way. Also, because much of our steel building kits are made with recycled steel, you never have to worry about the integrity of the building being compromised because it has been recycled a handful of times.

Big Business

Steel is the 2nd largest industry in the world, after oil and gas! You can find it in almost every industry being used in a multitude of ways, including prefab steel buildings. This is part of the reason why prefab steel buildings will likely never go out of style! There is always going to be a demand for the material no matter what industry a particular property owner is working in, what kinds of businesses are most common in a specific area etc. The industry makes about $900 billion annually, with North America being among the top producers of the material alongside Japan and China.

Made To Last

Steel is a material that is particularly long-lasting, especially when thinking about something like a roof which gets plenty of weather and climate impact on a daily basis. On average, a steel building roof will last approximately 50 years with the right coatings and protective paints, compared to more traditional roofs that last about 17 years.

No Warping

Due to the way that steel expands once it’s heated, the Eiffel Tower “grows” about 6 inches in the summer months. The great thing about prefab steel buildings is that not only has there been huge strides in innovation since then, but the steel we use come with natural insulation as well as expert designs that prevent it from stretching or warping in some way, shape or form.

Strength Over Weight

Steel is much lighter than concrete, even though it’s just as strong. Steel bridges, for example, are about 4 to 8 times lighter than ones made using concrete. This makes them so much easier to put up but also displays steel’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio!

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