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“Man Cave” in Huntsville, Ontario

Man Cave in Huntsville
Interior of Man Cave in Huntsville

We make everyone’s dreams come true! This beautiful “Man Cave” with black roof and wainscotting is a perfect compliment to the fabulous cottage property in Huntsville, ON. Nestled among the trees and not too far from the main cottage, it truly blends in yet boldly stands out! Working closely with owners Jimmy and Mike, Raffi Simonian designed a multi-use building with a stunning Gambrel roof and custom cupolas on the ridge. It is a testament to what can be achieved with great collaboration between design, engineering and client. When complimenting them on the building, Jimmy’s response says it all; “Ya man it’s really a great looking building. One of my favourite parts of being up at the cottage and I haven’t started using it fully yet. Great Building!”.

Much credit goes to Jimmy and Mike for sharing their vision through the design process and choice of finishes on the inside as well. We are certain they will make many great memories for years to come. Let us make your dreams come true as well.