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Need a Building that can stand through it all?

Prefab steel structures are known for the their strength and durability, especially when it comes to standing up to the elements. One of the things about building in Canada is that you have to consider so many different types of weather throughout the year’s seasons that the structure has to be able to stand up to. Regardless of the size or what you’ll be using it for, it’s imperative that prefab steel structures be strong and able to withstand many different types of weather and elements so that the building can remain in good shape and working order for years to come.

High Winds

Steel structures stand up well to strong winds of up to 120 mph, often much better than buildings made from more traditional materials like wood. In highly windy areas, this is important so the building doesn’t sustain punctures and other types of damage that can be caused by high winds, especially if the items you’re storing inside are valuable in any way. This is also where the natural insulation of steel structures and the inclusions of additional insulation comes into play, since it  essentially adds an extra layer of protection from the elements so the inside of your building remains safe at all times.


Rain & Snow

Moisture is a big deal with it comes to steel structures, and ensuring that your building can stand up to it is important. With more traditional building materials like wood, water and ice damage can have serious impact on the integrity of the building. With prefab steel structures, the appropriate coatings and protective paints keep moisture from having an affect on the exterior or interior of the structure. Also, the specially engineered nature of the building means each and every part of the structure is made to fit perfectly with all of the other parts. This leaves very little room for cracks and spaces for moisture to get into the building and damage anything you might have inside.

Heat & Cold

Natural insulation is your best defense against the heat and cold of the changing seasons in Canada, in addition to including more insulation via a handful of different methods. No matter what you choose to do, steel’s natural insulation helps absorb and keep warm air inside the structure while keeping cold air at bay during the winter months. Conversely, the siding and roof panels are great at bouncing off excessive heat and keeping the building’s interior at a much more reasonable temperature. This also helps with the costs of keeping your building up, since any heating & cooling appliances you have inside will use much less energy in order to keep the building at a reasonable temperature. This will save you money on utility bills since the appliances will be doing much less overtime work in order to keep your building’s temperature regulated.


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