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Protect your Garage From Ice

As we head further and further into the colder months, it’s becoming more important to protect your Garage buildings from ice and snow, and steel buildings are no different. Just like any other type of structure, you can do your part to ensure that your prefab steel building is equipped to handle the snow and ice that com along with the winter season

Like most construction methods, your prefab steel building will only have so much natural insulation before it will need additional insulation to regulate the interior temperature. Insulating your building is vital in keeping the inside of your structure warm and comfortable, particularly if it’s a building that people have to use and be inside of for long periods of time. Insulation is great for extending the life of your building long after the winter months because it prevents moisture and condensation from accumulating between the interior and exterior spaces between walls and causing damage to your building over time.

Weather-Resistant Stripping
It will also be imperative that you fit your windows and doors with stripping that can stand up to all kinds of weather if you haven’t already. It’s a generally inexpensive thing to fix, and can be applied in about 30 minutes for less than $10 depending on how many windows and doors you have to treat. This is much less than what it might cost to fix the damage that might come with moisture getting into gaps, freezing into ice and making them wider.

Appropriate Roofing
Having the right roofing your your steel structure will be imperative in terms of how well it stands up to winter conditions. Be wary of the pitch of your roof so that snow and ice don’t accumulate up there without much space to slide off, adding unnecessary weight and pressure to the top of your structure. Having the right roofing is also important for the winter months so you’re able to install gutters and other extras to help guide the waste off of your roof and away from your structure.

Having a fully functioning eavestrough is one of the most important things you can have in the winter months, and it provides a place for melting ice and snow to be washed away from your roof. Even with the correct pitch that allows said moisture to roll off your structure, the eavestrough will guide it away from the building instead of letting it fall back towards the foundation, which can cause damage over long periods of time.

Inspection & Cleaning
While having all of these features is important, it’s imperative that they’re kept in top shape and cleaned regularly so they remain in good working order. Before the cold weather even begins, do a full inspection and note any fixes that need to be made before the snow and ice set in. Check for any issues like holes or weak spots so you can repair it before it becomes a larger issue that will be more difficult to fix later on. As far as cleaning, clearing out the eavestrough and gutters of debris and fallen leaves from the autumn months will ensure that they’re able to drain properly.

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