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Recent Projects – Building Additions

Gas Station Canopy and Exterior Storage Enclosure
The canopy is 16’x 33′ x – 9″ x 14’/15′ T-Frame and Pallet Exterior Storage Enclosure is 9′ x 44′… [Read More…]
Interior Warehouse Addition in Smiths Falls, ON
This 32’x64’x14′ Olympia building was erected for Chappell Boys inside an already existing warehouse structure. It’s fully insulated due to… [Read More…]
Office and Mechanic shop in Chatsworth, ON
This Olympia Steel Building project consists of two buildings that we connected to serve as an office and mechanic shop…. [Read More…]
Beechwood Industrial Building
This 60′ x 88′ x 22′ building with a 42′ x 32′ attaching was done in Alisa Craig, On. Olympia… [Read More…]
Manufacturing Building in Thunder Bay, ON
This 14,000 square foot manufacturing building and office was designed to hold ten ton cranes.
Yaya Foods in Toronto, Ontario
This excellent 23′ x 73′ building was just completed in downtown Toronto for Yaya Foods. This has food grade liner… [Read More…]