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Recent Projects – Garages

“Out of Site” Industrial Storage Building
This 2400 sq ft. Olympia Steel Building features a Silvercote Energy saver Insulation package and full interior liner and was… [Read More…]
OPG Building Erected by
Andre Construction in Mattawa, ON

The building was delivered without any damage to the product. No on site modifications were required. Aside from being diligent… [Read More…]
Garage in Jordan, Ontario
This 30’x60’x12′ in Jordan, Ontario was erected after Olympia’s customer was given 3 references in his area of erected Olympia… [Read More…]
Steel Garage/Storage Building in La Salle, Ontario
EuroSheds, a company specializing in European-style sheds located in La Salle, Ontario, recently erected this 85′ x 90′ x 16′… [Read More…]
Metal Garage in Stettler, Alberta
This 28′ x 38′ x 16′ metal garage built in Stettler, Alberta was completed recently. Everything went very well and… [Read More…]
Building for Conestoga College
This is our second building going to Conestoga College. The construction was done by Gateman Milloy. The building was designed… [Read More…]
Building in DeWinton, Alberta
This 30′ x 45′ x 12′ building is in DeWinton, Alberta. Colby Bell, the owner, first approached Olympia Steel Buildings… [Read More…]
Steel Building in Leduc County, Alberta
This 40′ x 60′ x 16′ building was erected in Leduc County, Alberta and design by George Zakhem. The weather… [Read More…]
Buildings in Lakefield, ON
This 55′ x 55′ building (left) and 45′ x 45′ building (right) were erected by Scetto Construction
Garage in Macdiarmid, Ontario
This is one of several buildings we have on an Indian reserves across Canada. This one is a basic 40′… [Read More…]
Personal Garage in Athol, Ontario
Personal garage, 30′ x 60′ x 16′ with a 5/12 pitch and coloured roof. After doing a lot of homework… [Read More…]
Personal Garage/Workshop in Caledon, Ontario
One of many buildings we have in Caledon – this is a gorgeous Slate Grey building, 40′ x 48′ x… [Read More…]