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Why Buy Canadian

steel building

Building a steel structure in Canada is useful and practical now more than ever before. Steel structures are known for how well they hold up in all kinds of weather and for the recycling capabilities of steel. Another great feature is that Olympia steel buildings are made in Canada! While Olympia does plenty of business in the United States, our Canadian contingent is important to our local customers. The industries between the two countries share plenty of things, but there are slight differences that are important to acknowledge in a Canadian context to make your project come together much simpler!

Support The Canadian Economy

Of course, buying a steel structure from a Canadian supplier like Olympia Canada means that revenue will be put right back into the Canadian economy in a handful of ways. Not only will the money you spent purchasing the structure go to a Canadian company, but chances are your building will be used for commercial purposes on Canadian soil; creating even more revenue in whatever industry the building will exist to serve. As much of the world is still recovering from the financial downturn of nearly a decade ago, keeping money within the country is an important goal to strive for. Typically, from the steel supplier to the labour used to prefabricate the parts of your structure, to it being transported to your job site, there is Canadian labour all throughout that chain that benefits from your purchase of a steel building.

Work With Licensed Engineers

In Canada, the engineers we work with are obligated to be licensed under various accreditations and pass plenty of exams and other standards to be considered for a license from the Canadian Licensure Board. Those that are successful are highly skilled individuals who focus on quality and maintaining the standards of public health and safety. With our steel buildings, any design or kit was created with the utmost care and consideration of all kinds of variations in size, location, weather and much more. It’s important to remember just how flexible steel buildings are, and that our qualified engineers do plenty of work to ensure that your structure will be in good shape for years to come.

Follow Canadian Standards

In Canada, construction projects and buildings need to follow a set of rules that are referred to as the CSA-A660 standards, developed to ensure that all the buildings that go up are quality structures that don’t endanger the environment or people around it in any way. For inspections, it’s important to be sure that your structure – especially steel buildings – meets these standards and that’s something that you might not be able to guarantee with foreign steel building companies. Canadian companies that manufacture steel products have to be certified by an agency to make sure that it can pass any and all of these tests with flying colours. Ultimately, it’s about keeping you as the property owner and main user of the steel building safe throughout the process and after, and making sure the building is safe no matter who needs to use it when it’s been completed.

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