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Steel Buildings and Health Benefits

It’s already pretty common knowledge that prefab steel buildings have a whole host of benefits and positive attributes. From quick and easy construction, long-term durability and the need for little to no maintenance, there’s a long list of pros to go alongside getting a prefab steel building for your property for a wide variety of use. That considered, what you might not know is that steel buildings are also one of the best materials when it comes to health and safety of the occupants! It’s one of the best options for creating a healthy indoor environment. Here’s why!

Air Quality

Not so surprisingly, steel buildings are great for facilitating spaces with clean air on the inside. Since steel isn’t an organic materials like something like wood, it doesn’t release different types of debris and chemical compounds into the air inside. The effects of breathing these thing over time can result in everything from eye, throat and nose irritation to nausea, migraines and even damage to the nervous system. This is also detrimental for people that have asthma and other respiratory issues. On the inside of every steel building is a space where you can breathe freely without any type of health concerns.

Don’t Need Extra Chemicals

Thanks to the durable and pest resistant nature of steel buildings, it doesn’t need to be treated with many types of harsh chemicals like wood might have to be for termites etc. Plenty of these chemicals that get the job done cause all types of health issues for anyone who comes into contact with the building, but this isn’t a concern with steel buildings. Even when cleaning any part of your structure, you don’t need intense soaps or harsh chemicals to get the job done.

Resistant To Fungus and Mold

Moisture can be the arch nemesis of steel at times, but not for the same reasons as wood. Even a bit of moisture damage can mean mold will then take hold of the structure. This same mold can cause tons of health problems, particularly if it’s black mold. In this case, you’d actually have to get all the occupants out of the space until the black mold is cleaned away. Thankfully, it’s nearly impossible for mold to grow on steel.


Thanks to steel’s durable nature, it’s one of the best options for providing the best shelter from storms and all types of weather conditions. From snow to heavy rains and high winds, steel buildings provide some of the best shelter for anyone who might need it; all while not sustaining much damage to the structure itself.


Contrary to popular belief and assumption, steel buildings are actually incredibly quiet structures. Noise coming in from the outside is a real problem particularly if you live in or close to a large city. Steel’s natural insulation provides a great buffer between the noise and what’s going on inside the structure. This also prevents most of the noise from inside from bleeding outside from the building as well. This lets everyone both on the outside as well as the outside of the structure to go about their day unbothered.

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To insulate or not

of ways. Thanks to this natural insulation, prefab steel structures are a lot more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than tons of other building materials. This natural insulation allows these structures to absorb and bounce off much more reasonable amounts of both heat and cold – something that will in turn keep the interior temperature much more regulated and prevent your cooling and heating appliances from having to work overtime to keep it that way. In the long run, you’ll end up saving money on your utility bills. Adding more insulation, however, is a great way to amplify these benefits even more. Thankfully, prefab steel structures have a deeper space between the exterior and interior walls giving you a bit more space to add in insulation regardless of what method you choose. Here are some reasons why you should add insulation to your steel structure.


As mentioned, insulation is a great way to help your building be much more energy efficient than before. Bare steel buildings have certain levels of insulation on their own, but adding more makes it a lot more effective in the long run. Adding in this insulation dramatically increases just how efficiently your structure handles energy, absorbing and retaining much more heating in the winter months while also keeping out cold air much more effectively, and also acting as a shield from the warm air in the summer months in order to keep the building much cooler on average. This will put much less stress and pressure on your heating and cooling devices so your utility bills will be a lot lower.


Helps With Sound Pollution

Let’s face it, the world can be a loud place. If your steel structure is located in a particularly busy area, it will be susceptible to all types of sound pollution that steel can’t really block out that much. Adding insulation acts as a “buffer” between you and the sounds from outside – and the ones inside too. It prevents a lot of the echo that can plague spaces that are large or have high ceilings if your steel structure happens to have those things. This is important for buildings that are used as any type of office or workspace. For factories or other spaces with loud machinery, the same insulation can help muffle some of the sounds coming from your building to the outside world as well.

Helps With Mold

Adding insulation to your structure is important but you have to ensure that it’s the right type, and that it’s installed correctly. If not, it can cause moisture and eventually mold to build up in between the space and the interior of your structure due to condensation. Insulation acts as a barrier between the exterior walls and the internal framing of the structure.

Increase Your Building’s Lifespan

Having the right insulation for your structure can do plenty to extend the life of your structure. If you chose a steel building, chances are that you want it to last for a very long time and each and every part of your structure and other add-ons will be better served having the right insulation as a part of it.

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Why a New Business Space is Just What you Need

One of the best things about steel buildings is how flexible they are in terms of remodeling and renovations. Sometimes, your needs will change long after the structure has been built and with buildings made from more traditional materials, there is extensive demolition that has to take place before you can rebuild. Thankfully with steel structures, you can make these changes with ease and this is great for commercial structures and workplaces. There are many reasons why you should take advantage of steel’s flexibility and change your office around, and here are just a few.

Increase Employee Morale

This is an extremely important factor since it’s impossible to apply a dollar value to employee happiness. Happy employees are also the most productive, so it’s a great investment into making sure your employees are as happy and comfortable as possible. People like open, bright and modern spaces to work in, especially if they work long hours. Remodeling a commercial space tells your employees you’re willing to make a real investment into their comfort

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Depending on what type of business your commercial space in, you might frequently have customers and clients in your office, so it’s important to have your space looking its absolute best. This is particularly important in the retail or food industry, where appearance are everything. Customers will want to feel like you project a professional image, and that’s difficult to do if your space is out of date or looks weathered in any way. With an updated space, you’ll eventually see a connection between your improved space and improved or strengthened business.

Increase Brand Awareness

Remodeling your space is something that will probably get people talking, whether you realize it or not. Passing it while in progress will pique their curiosity to see what the final product is going to look. It will even be easier to come up with marketing campaigns surrounding your restructure and eventual relaunch with your new look. Having a space that perfectly suits your new needs and any other changes you’re looking to complete will encourage your current customers to return as well as bring in new clients in the process.

Increase Productivity

It’s always good to encourage your staff to work collaboratively on projects so they get them done more efficiently, and this is something that works particularly well in open-concept spaces with little obstruction. Sometimes, an increased staff needs a bit more space in order to make it all work, so renovating your commercial space is the best next step. A bright, open and modern space will boost your employees’ creativity and push them to do their absolute best.

Energy Efficiency

If you decide to remodel your entire commercial space, it will be imperative that you overhaul your HVAC system as well with the most up to date technology. This will ensure that you continue to save money on utility bills, even though the extra space will mean more energy will be used. Having energy efficient appliances will ensure that the bills don’t rise by too much with the additional space you might be adding.

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Building your Dream Garage

Whether you’re an avid car collector or just want an extra place to put your everyday family vehicle, plenty of homeowners are considering adding garages to their properties and prefab steel buildings are the perfect way to do it. Before starting any construction, it’s important to have a clear idea of just how much you’ll not only need, but how much you actually have available to you. First, take into consideration how many cars you plan on storing, this will be the biggest factor in deciding what size to order. Then, consider if you’ll use the space in any other ways than simply storage so you can make plans for customization later on. Will you need a work space? An office area? Think of all those things early in the process and go from there. After you’ve decided one these basic things, keep the benefits of steel structures in mind from the beginning to the end of the project Here are just a few reasons steel buildings are the garage you’ve always dreamed of!

Quick Construction

Easy construction cuts your  build times down to a few days instead of a few weeks or even months. With other methods of construction using materials like wood or concrete, the whole process can take weeks or even months to finish. Prefab steel structures can be put together and erected over the course of a weekend, meaning you can start using it much sooner rather than later.

Lower Up Front Costs

Purchasing a prefab steel building kit is typically cheaper than getting the raw materials to build a similarly sized building using traditional building methods like concrete or wood, particularly since you won’t wasting any of the materials or spending any extra money to discard of said waste. This saves your money during the construction process in addition to the fact that you won’t require any type of special contractor to finish the job – it’s something that can be completed either on your own or using the assistance of a general contractor.

Lower Long Term Costs

Another great advantage of prefab steel is just how much you’ll save in the long run as well. Steel structures require very little maintenance to stay in good shape – since these costs can quickly add up over the lifetime of your building. With the approrpiate coatings and protective paints, your building will stay in good shape for years to come. Apart from that, natural insulation means you’ll save money on any types of utility bills associated with your garage, since any heating/cooling appliance you put in the steel building’s interior will exert much less energy to keep the temperature regulated.

Simple Customization

Many people shy away from steel structures based on preconceived notions they have about how they’ll need to look. Steel structures are actually incredibly versatile, so it’s up to you how you want the layout of your garage to be. This is why it’s imperative that you have a clear idea of how you plan on using the structure so it makes any and all customization decisions that much simpler.

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