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Agriculture Storage

Why Steel Buildings Are Perfect For Agricultural Storage

For those in the farming industry, having a secure place to store grains and other forms of food product is important for making sure they receive a return on their labour and resource investments. It’s important to keep these items protected from the weather and other outside elements that can compromise them and make them unfit for future use. Typically, these storage areas are made of wood – a long standing tradition that’s lasted for over hundreds of years.

Steel buildings are starting to become to go-to option, however for a number of different reasons. Here’s just a few reasons steel buildings make for the perfect agricultural storage.

Weather resistant

One of the biggest advantages of steel buildings are their durability and resistance to weather and other outside elements since a common problem for farmers is grain and food products spoiling due to weather conditions including excessive heat and moisture. Steel buildings are engineered to regulate interior temperature by providing natural insulation.

It’s also resistant to moisture from heavy rains as well as snow and ice build-up since each of the pieces of the building fit perfectly together. This will allow you to keep the interior dry and clean – ensuring the environment is perfect for storing and working with grain, feed and other types of food products and produce.


In addition to steel being one of the most environmentally-friendly materials,  it’s durability lends itself to large structure sizes that can easily accommodate a large quantity of items to be stored. With widths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths, our prefab steel buildings can work for a wide variety of storage needs. Take your needs and any potential future changes into consideration before deciding on a size and layout that works best for you. Building interiors are also easily customizable, so you’ll also have the option to keep certain items separate from each other, but accessible so you can get to all of them quickly and easily.

Easy To Construct

Prefab steel structures are very easy to build, and DIY-construction will enable you to finish the project in a few days as opposed to a few weeks or even months. This is important for farmers who likely need storage (or additional storage) for their grains and food products sooner rather than later. Especially if your farm is located in an area with weather that fluctuates greatly. A wooden structure may take months to build and the grain you need to store in it may be exposed to the elements during this time – perhaps forcing a farmer to store it somewhere completely inconvenient or discard some or all of it altogether.

Insulation options

Thought steel buildings have natural insulation, there’s always the option of adding in a bit more especially if you live in a climate that’s cold for the majority of the year. During any type of weather change, the extra insulation can be your best bet for protecting against accumulated moisture from the air and wall, keeping the grain and food product you have stored inside away from any type of damage or spoiling. The insulation that you’re able to add to steel buildings is a great way to keep the interior climate-controlled and a good space to keep your agricultural valuables well-stored.