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Americas Cattle Industry

How Steel Buildings Are Integral To America’s Cattle Industry

It’s no secret that the cattle production industry in America is the largest segment of agriculture in the country. The beef industry is actually made up of over a million businesses, ranches and farms to support it.

With the industrialization of North America, much more beef was required for a booming population than ever before, so large tracts of land were required to keep up with the extra demand. Cows are generally used to roaming and grazing over these large areas of land, so it was important to give them a similar amount of space in order for them to grow and develop in a healthy way that’s natural to them. Producing approximately 25 billion pounds of meat worldwide each and every year, it’s an important part of many other economies as well as a source of labour, meat and other by-products including dairy products, bone and hide.

While initial methods of cattle farming were largely primitive, the industrial revolution presented many technological advancements that made it simpler for farmers to make it their main form of agriculture. In America, as well as Canada, grain-fed cattle are the common type used in the industry, and this is due in great part to steel buildings.

Prefab steel buildings can offer a lot to agricultural endeavours in a number of ways and for a number of reasons. For many cattle farmers, steel machinery and buildings presents an opportunity to make the most of their work and yield more production that will ultimately lead to more income.

Using steel buildings for storage of cow grains and other feed for example is an extremely useful benefit of using prefab steel. These buildings can be erected faster than ever before and outperform more traditional wooden barns in a lot of ways. Prefab steel is weather resistant, protecting crops and livestock which are large investments. In addition, Prefab steel buildings are resistant to pests including insects and other small animals that may be able to find their way into livestock or food product storage and cause irreparable damage.

Aside from that, there are several advantages that steel construction presents when it comes to maintaining the cattle industry in a way that keeps farmers happy and the animals safe. Steel barns allow the cows to stay dry and warm in times of extreme weather, as they’re engineered to be resistant to leakage and moisture in a way that wood-based structures are more susceptible to. Due to steel’s nature, it’s easier for the interior temperature to stay much more regulated which will help to create a much more comfortable environment for the animals inside, as well as keep any feed from spoiling by being exposed to excessive heat. Prefab steel buildings require very little maintenance, and this is something that will help cattle farmers remain focused on their livestock instead of constantly having to repair their storage systems if they become vulnerable to the elements, termites, decay or rot.

Inside our prefab steel buildings, you’ll find a trussless design that leaves it open to be customized to a floorplan that makes the most sense to each individual farmer. This is in conjunction with the size options that are available, as you can request dimensions of widths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths, depending on your needs.


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