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How to Handle Rising Steel Prices

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With the popularity of steel buildings increasing steadily, it’s also starting to Become more and more noticeable that the price of steel is rising as well. Steel production from particular countries have historically been much cheaper than others, while some countries have lowered their production of steel for their own reasons. China specifically, a large producer of steel, has seen a dip in tons of steel produced and will likely continue well into 2020. Here are just a few reasons why steel prices might rise in 2017 and what you can do to still take full advantage of prefab steel buildings in the meantime.

Lower Supply

Due to this lowering supply, demand will rise dramatically as there’s less steel being produced worldwide. More and more structures and buildings are turning to steel – prefab and otherwise – in order to complete projects that will last for years to come. Thanks to this newfound interest in prefab steel, more and more residential and commercial projects are set to include the material than ever before. Like any material that is being produced less and less, there’s


Steel might be the most recycled material on earth so as we become more and more environmentally conscious, this will be seen as a premium for all materials that are able to do this. Structures being built now are going to focus even more on their ability to be “green buildings” so it’s imperative to brace yourself for the rising prices this will bring as well.

What Can You Do?

Plan Ahead

Like any construction project, it will be important for you to plan ahead well in advance so that you won’t encounter any surprises and can also take advantage of the prices as they currently are. We strive to provide the best possible prices on our steel buildings, so it’s important to use extensive planning to your advantage when looking to erect a structure.

Budget Correctly

With planning comes budgeting, and with the prices on the raw material set to rise it’s important to map out what your total costs will look like while you still have the opportunity to benefit from our affordable costs. Currently, you can expect to save about 30% off the cost of your structure when compared to buying the raw materials to create a building of the same size. Budgeting well will prevent any surprise costs near the end of your construction process. Making last minute changes can be costly and use much more of your resources than you intended. I

Act Now

Currently, our prefab steel buildings are still reasonable priced so that our customers are satisfied with everything from the engineering to the efficiency of the construction process, but with the prices of the raw material set to rise, there’s no telling when steel building providers will have to follow suit. Start off the year the right way by planning your steel structure needs early so you can make your purchase and have them up before potentially drastic changes shift the steel industry in the coming years.

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