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Wine Not?

bottle of wine

Steel buildings have the type of versatility that makes them useful in all kinds of uses and industries, and the wine industry is not different. While historic wineries exist all over the world, there still needs to be newer structures or expansions done to accommodate a business that’s constantly growing and booming. There are plenty of reasons why steel buildings are the perfect option for that, and why it’s important to consider all of the best possible options to use.


In terms of safety and security, steel is the perfect option because it’s a material that’s extremely durable. Commercial steel buildings are resistant to not only many different kinds of weather conditions but also to fire, to pests like termites and to corrosion once it’s been treated with the right protective paints and coatings. With structures made of wood, for example, you would have to worry about different kinds of pests burrowing in and potentially damaging your equipment or the product itself, but with steel buildings that’s something you don’t have to worry about. Steel’s natural insulation and additional insulation is also important for maintaining a regulated temperature and this is imperative because many of the production processes require a specific temperature or other specifications of conditions that have to remain the same in order to create output that always tastes, looks and feels the same each time.

Low Maintenance

One of the best things about steel structures is how low maintenance they are. That isn’t to say they won’t ever need any repairs during the life of your building, but you will be able to go much longer amounts of time without needing much in the way of repairs and fixes due to the durable nature of steel. This is excellent in the wine industry because so much of the daily production will focus on the wine itself, and it’s important that the building remain in constant good shape in order to continue. Any stops for major overhauls or repairs can have a detrimental impact on production and output that might be difficult to make up later on. Annual inspections are a must, but chances are there won’t be much to fix beyond regular wear and tear.


Generally speaking, you’ll save about 30% when choosing to go with a steel structure when compared to buying the raw materials like wooden beams or bricks for a structure that will end up being the same size. Depending on how large you’re looking to building your structure, you can wind up saving thousands of dollars in the end. Not only that, but the construction costs will also be greatly reduced since you won’t require skilled workers to get the job done. The general contractors that you might need will take much less time to put the structure up, reducing your costs further. In addition, the cost to heat or cool your space will be much lower than in other structures thanks to steel’s natural insulation and energy efficiency. This allows more money to go back into the production, bottling and transport of wine products.