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Protect Your Building from Corrosion

Protecting Your Steel Building From Corrosion

With any building, there’s always a level of maintenance to be done as well as preemptive measure you can take to ensure the structure lasts as long as possible. As durable as steel is, there are a few extra steps building owners can take once it’s constructed to extend the life of the structure. Corrosion is something that, after long periods of time, affects all metals eventually. Weaker alloys succumb to this type of deterioration after just a few years, while it takes steel several decades before any of its earliest signs even begin to appear. Still, it’s better to safeguard your structure to ensure the most use out of it without having to constantly be investing money into fixing it later on down the line like items made of other metals. Here are just a few things that can be done to get even more out of your steel structures.

Regular Inspection

Getting regular inspections for your structure will ensure you are always up to date on the state of your building. Things like nicks and scratches can often be entry/opening points for further deterioration like corrosion, and these can be caught early with regular inspections. Finding these sooner rather than later means it can be treated and fixed quickly so it doesn’t escalate into larger damage. As durable as steel is, there can still be minimal damage sustained from direct, blunt and forceful impact that can leave dents and other small problems behind. Regularly inspection your steel building, especially after bouts of extreme or violent weather, can prevent your steel building from suffering any further, much larger problems.

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

Believe it or not, just regularly cleaning your steel building can do wonders for preventing corrosion. Steel can sometimes be compromised by certain substances, particularly ones high in chloride, so it’s important that the structures surface be cleaned from time to time so it doesn’t sit on its surface for years on end.

Protective Coating

One of the best tools of defense against corrosion for steel buildings is having a protective coating applied. These can come in a variety of formulations specific to your building’s useage. For other metal surfaces like tools and appliances, it’s easy to keep them away from moisture and other elements that can affect them, but for a structure built outdoors, taking this extra step can help increase the lifespan of your building, even going well beyond the 40 years rust-perforation warranty available with Olympia Buildings. There are a variety of metal protectants available for this exact purpose

Doing all 3 of these in conjunction will definitely help in extending the life of your steel structure. For more information on our steel buildings, call us at 1-888-449-7756