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Legalization of Marijuana

Trudeau’s legislation seeking to legalize recreational marijuana is expected to pass Parliament and take full effect in the spring of 2018. Since August 11, 2016, grow operations in Canada have been required to apply to become licensed producers under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). Fifty-three such commercially licensed producers currently serve the medical needs of more than 100,000 Canadians. That number was only slightly above 30,000 people in 2015 and continues to increase, making this an attractive market for new commercial growers. With full legalization, it is likely that all currently certified medical grow operations will legally be allowed to produce for recreational users, while those seeking to become commercial producers will need to apply for a certification through an application form similar to the current ACMPR. A quick look at the application process shows that in order to get certified, you’re going to need a business plan that includes both building specifications and sufficient security measures that satisfy the standards of the Directive on Physical Security Requirements for Controlled Substances. This means that your operation is going to require a secure building with a particular layout as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Luckily, Olympia steel buildings can be your solution. A prefabricated steel  building from Olympia is easy to customize to your specific spacial needs and can be set up in weeks rather than months, saving you valuable time in a very time-sensitive market. The commercial marijuana market is bound to grow exponentially after legalization, and with that growth will come plenty of competition. Gaining an edge now will be key to success. Legalization is less than a year away, so waiting months for to construct a physical space just isn’t an option. It will only delay the application process to certify your commercial operation; an application process that will likely slow on its own as legalization approaches and more growers begin to apply for licensing. Olympia buildings are also a more cost effective option than traditional buildings, both in avoiding material and labor costs in the short term and in avoiding maintenance and upkeep costs in the long term, increasing the likelihood that your operation can turn a larger profit more quickly. Plus, Olympia buildings are well-suited for high quality marijuana production, with natural insulation that allows for both superior temperature regulation and reduced energy costs. For more information on our steel buildings, call us at 1-888- 449-7756.
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Things To Consider

Like any construction project, there is going to be a process for which it will make the most sense to get things done. With prefab steel buildings, there will be things that you will need to consider and keep in mind before you can really get started. Here are just a few of the things you’ll have to consider before truly getting started on your steel building project. The Purpose This will have to be the very first consideration that you make! You’ll have to think long and hard about what you want to use your steel building for so that you can make the right decision when you go ahead and purchase the kit. Do you need a workshop? Do you need storage space? Do you need a combination of a few things? All of these are important to know ahead of time so that you can make the best possible decision for your structure and for your project. Having this information all figured out will have the most impact on your entire project because it will drive the direction of it. Being clear about what you want the final product to look like early on in the process is extremely helpful. The Price Something else you’re going to have to consider for your steel structure is the price – or your budget, rather. How much are you willing to spend to finish this project? Once you have that number in mind it will be much simpler to stick to it in terms of remaining on track. Create a detailed budget for yourself including any customization or add-on options you had in mind and use that as a guideline for the amount of money you want to spend. You might have to create a range of pricing for yourself, but it will also be important to set a hard limit for a price that you absolutely will not go over. This will assist you in making other tough decisions if they fall outside of your budget amount. Timeframe If you’re putting up a steel structure, chances are that you’re going to want the project to be completed in a certain amount of time. It will be important to figure out a deadline date that you want your building to be finished by and go from there. Custom Options It will also be imperative that you think about the custom options you have in mind for your structure long before you even make the purchase so that you can plan accordingly. Not every prefab steel building project is created equally, so it will be important for you to have an idea of how you want all of the customizations to look so you can figure out what will and won’t work for your structure. These things will also affect other factors such as the price and how long the project takes, which is why all of them are just as important as the others. For any questions or concerns about our steel buildings, call us today at 1-888-449-7756

2018 Steel Trends

As we have passed the halfway point of 2017, it’s important to start looking ahead and thinking about the trends that will be a part of 2018 and beyond. Uses for steel buildings are generally of the commercial and industrial variety, but as technology and needs change, so do the trends. As always, it will be imperative for you to figure out what your own needs are, since they might fall perfectly in line with next year’s upcoming trends. Knowing for sure that a steel building can help complete your project is a great first step.


Residential Homes

Using a steel building as a residential space is by no means a new concept, but it’s something that will continue to gain momentum in 2018 and beyond. It will be important to remember just how versatile these structures really are so that you can take full advantage of its features. Consider the space you may or may not need and start to go from there. There are also a plethora of layouts and finishes that you’ll be able to use for your residential steel building so that you can get it to look however you need it to.

Multi-Use Spaces

More and more, buildings in large and mid-sized cities are going to have to take on a variety of uses and variations in order to be useful. The great thing about steel buildings is that the inside of these structures are fully open – able to be left open concept so that you can use the area in any way you might need to. This gives you the freedom to design, redesign and rearrange the structure’s interior.

Sustainable Energy

As access to sustainable forms of energy continues to spread, it will be much easier to make that a part of your steel building project from the very beginning. Where wind and solar power were once impossibly expensive options for people to incorporate into their projects, they’re now becoming much more accessible. With steel buildings, these features are also much easier to add as prefab structures are designed to handle all kinds of add-ons. It’s important to consider how much energy you’re going to be using and determine the kind that will be right for you to use. From solar panels to wind turbines, finding ways to use sustainable energy in your steel building is something that will not only allow you to reduce your ecological footprint, but also save money in the process; and it’s something the industry is going to continue to see.

Add-Ons & Renovations

One of the very best things about steel buildings is how versatile they are as structures and how well they can be used to accommodate additional structural elements and facilitate renovations. Much more so than other material types, prefab steel gives you the ability to build new structures and make changes to them much easier later on down the line. Once your structure has long been completed, it will be much simpler to complete renovations on a steel building than a structure made from concrete or wood.


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What Makes Steel Buildings The Best

More than anything else, steel buildings are some of the most reliable structures on the market. It’s important to remember that when making the decision to use one for your project. When comparing it to materials such as wood or concrete, there are plenty of things that make steel the clear winner in terms of choice. It should go without saying that if you’re putting up a structure, chances are pretty high that you’re going to want it to stay up for a long time as well. No matter what purpose you’re using it for,  this is more than possible thanks to steel being one of the industry’s most reliable materials. Here are just a few of the things that make steel the most reliable building type on the market.



One thing you can count on is your steel building being strong enough to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions no matter the time of year it is, from rain, sleet and hail to extreme heat. Steel is a material that will last your for years to come without you having to worry about much in the way of repairs and replacements. It’s a sturdy material that stands up well not only to different kinds of weather, but also various forms of wear & tear and everyday use. This is imperative no matter what the building is being used for.

Lack Of Required Maintenance

Another great thing you can count on when it comes to steel buildings is the lack of maintenance the building will need during the time that you have it. Most other structure types will need some measure of constant upkeep in order to stay in good condition. With prefab steel, this is simply not something you have to worry about. With the right protective coatings and even paints, your steel building is one that will last for quite a long time without needing much to keep it in good standing.


Prefab steel buildings are endlessly safe, so no matter what you have to store inside you can count on your structure being able to keep the contents safe from outside elements. Steel buildings make it easy to include add-ons such as locks and other security measures, so you can be certain that theft won’t be an issue for your structure either.

Great Strength To Weight Ratio

A great feature of steel buildings is the fact that it has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it’s much more capable of holding itself up without the need for obstructive support beams and columns. This is imperative in maintaining the strength and safety of the building. While there are other building materials that possess the kind of strength that steel does, many of them are far too heavy to stand completely on their own. Steel is a material that’s as lightweight as it is durable, so you won’t have to worry about any safety concerns, sagging or having to install reinforcements to your structure at a later date to keep it all together.

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What does the Canadian Economy Have to Do with Steel?

As the economy in Canada continues to strengthen, one good side effect is that the Canadian dollar will continue to rise and eventually reach parity with the U.S. dollar. This will manifest itself in a variety of great ways, and one of them is bolstering the prefab steel building industry and all of the other industries that it affects. It’s always imperative that you think about what you want your structure to be like in the end so you can get exactly what you’re looking for at costs that will be reflective of a stable economy. Here are just a few ways that a rising dollar means good news for prefab steel buildings.


More Affordable

Prefab steel is already affordable, more so than buying raw materials to build a structure of the same size. There are times when products or add-ons will need to be shipped from the United States in order to complete the project, and with conversions and shipping this is something that can add up in cost quite quickly. As the loonie strengthens and becomes closer to parity with the American dollar, it becomes less expensive to order anything from the U.S. This is perfect because orders you might have been putting off or purchasing in small quantities to offset the total cost in CAD can be ordered much faster. It will be much easier to stay under budget when the final price won’t dramatically change from one currency to the other.


More Options

With a higher dollar, more options will open up to you in terms of your steel building’s final appearance. This could mean a variety of things, from ordering custom siding that would have otherwise been too expensive to getting cheaper shipping costs if any part of your structure has to be shipped from elsewhere. A stronger dollar means a lot more choice for buildings to look a variety of ways. Oftentimes, some of the more intricate customization options have to be shipped in from the U.S., so a stronger Canadian dollar gives you the opportunity to order these items without having to think about the converted costs being exorbitant.


Stay On Track

Making initial purchases for your steel building is one thing, but it’s the costs that may come up later on during the building process that can sometimes throw a project off course. With a Canadian dollar that’s much closer to the American dollar, you can anticipate some of these costs much easier. In addition, the value is projected to continue to increase and level off the well into 2018, so it will be simple to anticipate long term project costs and stay under your agreed budget.


More Structures

When your budget frees up because you end up saving money from a more stable dollar, this frees up capital to create more structures either now or later. Whether you wanted multiple structures in the first place but decided against it due to cost or your needs changed later on, the savings will give you the ability to put up structures in other places as well.

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Solar Power

One of the best things about prefab steel buildings is how simple it is to include add-ons to make the functionality of the structure that much better. One of these things is the use of solar energy inside your structure by adding panels to the outside. Not only can this be done simply and efficiently with the help of a specialist thanks to the flexibility of steel buildings, it can help you save plenty of money on utility costs in the short and long term. The great thing about solar energy is that it’s clean, renewable and unlimited – the perfect combination for a “green” structure like prefab steel buildings. No matter what you’re using your steel building for and whether it’s a residential or commercial building, you’ll find plenty of use for solar panels in order to reap not only the financial but also environmental benefits of the installation. Unlike some of the other add-ons and customization options that you can include in your steel building design, solar energy is one of the few that can make it cheaper to maintain your builder over the long haul and also contribute to it being an environmentally conscious structure. Here are the most important ways that solar energy can take your steel building to the next level.

Lower Costs

Solar power is known for being the cheaper option when it comes to powering your prefab steel building. The larger your structure is, the more panels you will likely have meaning that your savings will be even bigger comparatively. Based on how big your structure is, you might be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. The location also matters in this case, since your building will have to have some pretty good exposure to sunlight to make the most of this. Also, heating and cooling costs in areas that are either always cold or always warm will generally be much more expensive since there won’t be many times during the year where the temperature is mild or “level”, so the need to regulate it from inside your structure will be constant. Using solar power to keep the temperature at a comfortable level will mean you’ll save plenty of money in comparison to doing so with a traditional furnace. The installation cost might be slightly pricey, but in the end, the long-term savings will justify the upfront cost. Make sure to remember that aspect so you can factor it in from the earliest stages.

Environmentally Conscious

For most people, solar power is associated with environmentally conscious building and for good reason. Global warming is showing no real signs of slowing down, so finding ways to decrease your carbon footprint is now more important than ever before. You’re able to attach solar panels to our steel buildings so that you can power your structure without creating waste products and pollution. This is also a much more reliable form of energy and one that doesn’t need to be produced or replenished using methods that create more waste and pollution.

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Retail Space

More than ever before, niche stores and retail locations are making more of an impact on the market in both big and small ways. Where businesses may have shied away from a physical retail location in the past for certain products, increased sales and heightened interests might embolden a business owner into opening a location that they’re certain will be successful. That is an endeavour that, aside from being an ambitious one, is often an expensive one too. For that reason and more, prefab steel buildings are the perfect solution to this sometimes complex issue. Here are just a few reasons why steel buildings are perfect for niche retail stores.

Quick Build Times

Putting up a retail location for a business that might fall in a niche market tends to be pretty time-sensitive. What might be a great idea today might need to be solidified with a location at the perfect moment in order to make the jump from niche to mainstream. Whether it’s arts & crafts or the latest culinary oddity, having a physical place people will know and identify can do wonders for a brand – particularly if it was one that primarily lived online beforehand. Steel buildings are perfect for the simple fact that a structure can be completed in a matter of weeks as opposed to the months and even years it might take to put up a structure made from wood or concrete.

Easy To Customize

If your business exists in a niche market, chances are you’ll have a pretty distinct brand identity that will be important to display in your retail location as well. Prefab steel buildings not only come in a pretty wide variety of sizes and layouts, but they can also be easily customized in various ways as well. From needs like HVAC systems and additional built-in storage, to more aesthetic changes including custom facing with wood or brick overlay; there’s tons of ways to make your steel structure look exactly how you need it to for lower costs and less time.

Cost Effective

Another great thing about prefab steel buildings is how budget-friendly they are, something that is imperative to any business putting up their first location but especially one that falls into a smaller niche. These initial startup costs can be a lot for any company, and the return on investment typically takes a few years; but in keeping some costs lower by going with steel buildings instead of purchasing the raw materials and labour to create a structure made from wood or even concrete, that money can be put towards something else instead.

Low Long Term Costs

Not only can the upfront costs of your steel building usually be cheaper, but the long-term costs associated with running the location as well. With natural insulation, prefab steel buildings have a much simpler time of regulating the interior temperature; resulting in lower utility bills since less energy will be expended to keep the structure warm or cool enough. Not only that, the lack of regularly required maintenance means you will save money on the constant fixes that buildings made from other materials often require. This is perfect for these niche businesses because these saved costs can be invested into other parts of the business.

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Property Value

One of the best things about steel buildings is the fact that it’s something that can add plenty of function and utility to your residential property in a number of ways. Not only can you erect a prefab steel building as a garage (or workshop, office, or even a home gym) for the betterment of your property, it will also do plenty to increase your property value! It’s important to know that making these kinds of additions to your property will usually have a positive effect depending on how it’s done. First, you will have to decide whether you want an attached or detached steel building. It’s imperative that you consider how tricky it might be to blend the structure in with the rest of your home, so detached is often the better option for most properties. Here are just a few of the ways a steel building garage can increase your home’s property value!

Buyer Appeal

No two homes will ever be created equally, so setting yourself apart from the rest of what is in your neighbourhood is a great way to draw buyers in who might have passed on the property otherwise. Some homeowners might have multiple cars, plenty of items to store or even be looking for a space they can repurpose for other uses; so seeing the additional space already built and ready to go will be enticing to them for a number of reasons and make it much easier to sell the property when you’re ready to.

More Square Footage

The best way to add property value to a home is by adding square footage, and by having additional space on your property whether it’s attached or not, you do plenty to increase value. Other things like condition and age of the property definitely matter, but adding more to the total area has the most powerful impact on the home’s resale value.

Repurpose Current Garage

Your home might have a garage and adding another detached one might not seem like a good idea, but consider the possibility of turning your current garage space into something else and having the steel building garage specifically for car storage. Your home’s current garage could very well be a home office, another bedroom or even a whole bachelor unit if renovated, insulated and customized in just the right way. This is something that can add tons of property value to your home, by adding additional rooms inside the home without having to do expensive tear downs or additions to your home in the conventional and much more time-consuming way!

Low Maintenance Add-On

Another great thing about steel buildings is the fact that including it on your property won’t give you more things to have to repair regularly, since prefab steel structures are typically very low maintenance. Annual inspections are recommended, but you won’t need to spend the time and money doing constant repairs the same way you would with a garage constructed from wood.

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It goes without saying that there are plenty of different uses for our prefab steel building kits. No matter what you can dream up, it’s likely that prefab steel buildings are the perfect material for it! The same can be said for building a library, something that prefab steel buildings are actually perfect for. Whether the library will be part of a school or stand on its own to serve the entire community, our prefab steel building kits are the perfect method to get the job done!

Natural Insulation

People tend to assume that a metal building will automatically be cold and noisy, but with the natural insulation of our buildings that isn’t the case at all. Obviously in a library setting, the ability to keep the interior space quiet is imperative, but it is as much about rules and order as it is the construction of the building. Thanks to the natural insulation of steel, there won’t be such a massive echo effect in the space; so hushed conversation and the shuffling of books won’t bounce off walls and create more of a commotion than there needs to be. By adding any extra insulation, plenty of plush furniture and even plant life into your steel building library space, you’ll be able to absorb much of the sound that would normally rattle around your structure and be noisy not only inside, but outside the building as well.


Every library is laid out differently from the next so it’s important to have a building method that can accommodate that. The great thing about steel buildings is that there are several kits available to make your building project go exactly as planned, as well as plenty of customization options that help along the way as well. It is often assumed that steel buildings can only look one particular way, but that’s far from true! Choose the building kit that’s right for you, and also take advantage of the open concept design of the structure’s interior. To accommodate rows of books, workspaces, sitting areas and more, it will be important to have a structure that gives you the freedom to put these wherever you so choose inside the space. Thanks to the trussless design, you won’t have to compromise any of the interior space in your building from floor to ceiling.

Low Maintenance

For a library, it will be very beneficial to build a structure that comes with such little maintenance! Chances are pretty high that nearly every corner of the library space will see a lot of regular use and foot traffic; meaning it will experience plenty of wear & tear and also make it more difficult to conduct frequent repairs without moving out all of the books, furniture and other equipment. The good thing about prefab steel is that there will be much less of a need for regular repairs and maintenance on a constant basis. While inspections on a yearly basis are always a good idea, your building will stay in good shape a lot longer than structures made from other materials.

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It’s natural to have questions about a product you’re buying, and a large purchase like a steel building is no different. For most property owners, figuring out the best building option is the first thing they need to do when planning a project; and along with that comes plenty of questions that need answers! There are a handful of questions that definitely get asked most commonly when it comes to steel buildings, and also quite a lot of misinformation circulating in response to them. It’s important to do your research from many angles in order to get the best possible response! Here are just a few of the most common steel building questions.

How Do I Get A Quote?

Getting a quote on a steel building is actually pretty easy, and typically property owners get quotes from 3 or 4 different steel building companies in order to choose the best option. It will be important to have a solid idea of the kind of project you need in order to get an accurate quote. You can then decide whether to take the offer or move on, depending on what budget you had in mind.

Will The Building Fit My Needs?

This will be totally up to you and how much you know about the project at hand. Think about the details and customizations you might want for your structure and then figure out which steel building kit is right for you, and also what things can be added later on. Ultimately, knowing if a building will fit your needs will come down to how many details you have about your own project. Making changes after the fact can also change the outcome, so it’s imperative that you stick to your initial vision.

How Much Will It Cost?

This is, of course, an important question that will depend on the steel company you decide to go with. It will also depend on the building model you choose! It’s important to have a budget in mind and stick to it so that you are in much better control of how much you spend, and on what. By having a number in your mind that you won’t go above, you can have a better idea of how much the final product is going to cost you.

How Will The Building Be Constructed?

This will be up to you, but it will be an important conversation to have with the steel building company you end up purchasing from. The great thing about steel buildings is the fact that it comes with an easy, DIY building method that allows you to put the building up yourself with minimal assistance. If you’re looking for plenty of customizations or simply don’t have the know-how to put up a structure at all, there are plenty of contracting companies who specialize in putting up steel buildings; such as Rutherford Construction. Use the option that works best for you and your budget!

How Long Will It All Take?

This will depend on the size and layout of the building you’re putting up, but you can expect your project to only take a few weeks to complete compared to the months it takes for other materials and building methods. Thankfully with steel buildings, your project won’t be under construction for months or years on end.

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